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RE: Songs: Ohia | from JeremyMar 09 2003 - 08:01

Sorry, but I want to add a little anecdote (apocryphal or not)about singing off-key, for those who haven't heard it. Apparently, when Neil Young was doing his 'bit' in the star-studded recording of We Are The World, the song in aid of famine relief, the producer, Quincy Jones, interrupted him, saying, "Uhhh, Neil, I'm sorry, but you're flat", to which Neil gave the classic response, "That's my style, man."

RE: Songs: Ohia | from jeremyMar 09 2003 - 07:52

I'll second (third? fourth?) the votes for Didn't It Rain? Very spare sound, but kinda hypnotic..find myself returning to it when I'm in the right mood. Or put another way, I find it's the right music for my mood pretty often.

Changing horses here a mite (new thread?), I like Molina's voice, and have realized that, personally,I realize/decide almost immediately whether I like a singer's voices or not, and that reaction decides my interest or affection for a singer and/or a band, even if I can't articulate - and often I can't - exactly *why* I prefer one over another (whiny? sweaty? emotionless? hyper-emotive? trying too hard? not trying enough? too conventional? can't sing on-key? (never stopped Dylan, though, did it?). Anyway, I hate not being able to articulate my own taste, but there it is, and I wonder about the whys of it.

RE: Songs: Ohia | from JR OlssonMar 07 2003 - 12:51

pretty goddamn good as well.

RE: Songs: Ohia | from JR OlssonMar 07 2003 - 12:49

interested chaps can download a song from molinas latest effort at this adress: http://www.secretlycanadian.com/secretlycanadian/farewell.mp3

RE: Songs: Ohia | from canuckJan 20 2003 - 13:34

Songs Ohia (Jason Molina) is brilliant. Axxes & Ace and Didn't it Rain are top quality but Ghost Tropic is my favorite. Maybe it's Mike Mogis' Midas touch that does it for me. (I'd love to hear a Mogis-produced Idaho record. I could start a whole new thread singing the praises of the Mogis brothers, LFTWC, and Saddle Creek Records…)

I'm looking forward to The Magnolia Electric Co. and Pyramid Electric Co. albums which should be out soon on Secretly Canadian. Magnolia was apparently recorded live, in its entirety, by Steve Albini (does this guy ever sleep?!) at his Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago, Illinois. It features the same core back-up band that played on the Mi Sei Apparaso Come Un Fantasma Italian live album and supposedly has some of Molina's most 'upbeat' (rockin') material yet. Pyramid Electric Co. was apparently recorded live at the Mogis brothers’ Presto Recording Co. studio in Lincoln, Nebraska by Mike Mogis (who can do no wrong).

RE: Songs: Ohia | from JR OlssonJan 19 2003 - 14:47

Songs: Ohia indeed is good. Alot of his stuff sounds alike from time to time though.

'Didn't it rain' is a favourite. Also the split with My Morning Jacket on Jadetree is really good. though he contributes with only one song. one long song. It's called 'Translation'. It makes it worth buying that spilt. go download it and listen.

RE: Songs: Ohia | from DanJan 18 2003 - 12:06

.... I meant 'the lioness', not 'tigress'... Shouldn't start drinking so early....

RE: Songs: Ohia | from DanJan 18 2003 - 10:58

Songs : Ohia definitely come recommended... "the tigress" is probably my favourite release... If youre of a more 'rock' persuasion, try the live CD "mi sei apparaso come un fantasma" (an Italian import - hows that for obsure!) is essential...

RE: Songs: Ohia | from ajJan 18 2003 - 10:16

umm.... yes.

any good? | from JimmyJan 18 2003 - 01:52

They've been recommended to me on two separate occasions by independent and usually reliable sources...but what do you think?...Songs: Ohia, any good?

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