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A bit of love for the Doves

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RE: Doves - brilliant | from Rob SJan 20 2003 - 22:09

I wasn't trying to compare them... just saying I'd rather listen to IDAHO. I don't dislike 'em. I just don't think that they are brilliant.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from canuckJan 20 2003 - 13:44

Lest anyone be lead astray, Idaho and the Doves sound completely different (to my ears at least).

The Doves are more of a poor man's Swervedriver, but they are pretty good. Last Broadcast has some pretty catchy stuff on it.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from Rob sJan 19 2003 - 15:52

I'm not really sold on the Doves. Even though their first album is quite sad...I find it a little too clean. A poor man's IDAHO in my opinion. But OK.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from gpJan 19 2003 - 12:10

Oh, and Swervedriver just keeps sounding better and better even though its been almost 10 years. Just like Jesus and the Mary Chain which is much older than that!

RE: Doves - brilliant | from gpJan 19 2003 - 12:07

As far as US releases go that is: I've taken Doves Lost Souls with me everywhere I've ever traveled for more than a few days. It is just so rich and gorgeously full - sounds best with earphones. The latest, Last Broadcast is more to the upbeat side like the catch the sun but is still good.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from pyotrJan 09 2003 - 17:38

I concur. It took me almost two years to start liking Doves, but now they are in heavy rotation. But they aren't really ear candy - definitely take some getting used to...

RE: Doves - brilliant | from RossJan 08 2003 - 11:09

Swervedriver is huge, atmospheric head music. Mezcal Head is still one of my all time favourites.

The Doves, I've found are not an automatic hit with everyone. It's just really... almost spiritual, for lack of a better word. Which might explain the comparisons to U2 that I've read in different places. They really grabbed me by the collar. "The Last Broadcast" is more cohesive than their debut album "Lost Souls." But I am really fond of both.

The vox take a bit getting used to... but it you can get past their strangely 'Tears for Fearsy' quality, you'll find there's really something really special about this band.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from marcJan 08 2003 - 08:44

I first listened to swervedriver because i heard that they were of the shoegazer family, but i could never see the connection myself. Same with teenage fanclub. I guess there was some label similiarity, but for me swervedriver are very different. Still definitely worth a listen, though.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from ashley bergJan 08 2003 - 08:00

hey meltdown, get your hands on anything 'swervedriver' if you like hi-octane, dual rock-guitar wizardry... you could start with "raise", or go for their last full length "99th dream" for a more spacey feel...

.. as far as comparisons, i'm horrible at that shit. i guess people consider them to be "shoegazer" (i'm sorry, i fuckin hate classifying bands with nonsense terms like that.)

RE: Doves - brilliant | from JR OlssonJan 08 2003 - 07:29

I did'nt know the doves had several albums? i just had one with a city on the cover. is that the one we are talking about? I'll stick to pedro the lion, idaho and tw walsh instead.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from MeltdownJan 08 2003 - 02:04

What's the deal with Swervedriver??? They any good??? Comparisons????

RE: Doves - brilliant | from RyanJan 08 2003 - 01:55

I liked their first album, but it didn't hold my interest at the time. The best song was the one that sounds exactly like Swervedriver ("Setting Sun" I believe).

RE: Doves - brilliant | from adam u.k.Jan 07 2003 - 15:23

I've got to agree with JR - from what I've seen on TV and heard on the radio, there's nothing of interest to me at all - samey, monotous, repetetive... purely my point of view though, I'll admit.


RE: Doves - brilliant | from JR OlssonJan 07 2003 - 14:14

I can honsetly say that record stood among my cds for 4 months and i didn't lend it my ear once. i found no interest in it. it wasn't exciting. i gave it back.

might have been good, i will never know.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from farmcafeJan 07 2003 - 12:57

the doves are indeed brilliant. i found them through the big takeover magazine two years ago. i don't know about the noel ghallagher reference, i can't really see where that comes from. regardless, a great band worth anyones time.

RE: Doves - brilliant | from scoobidooJan 07 2003 - 06:43

Well, I follow the Doves since their first Cedar Room EP. They really brilliant and ambitious and sound like a 60's psychedelic pop band with some nineties indie rock elements. Maybe one of the best pop band actually in England. The only problem is that the the voice of the singer makes me think about Noel Ghallagher. not really a compliment... I can't imagine if Jeff Martin could sing on their stuff, it could be huge!

A bit of love for the Doves | from RossJan 06 2003 - 13:38

Quite some time ago I read somewhere on the site about the band Doves, and was compelled enough to hunt them down. A few months later, I've bought everything of theirs that's available out there, and have to say that I'm at a loss to describe how good this band is.

Anyway, it was this message board that brought them to my attention, and so in a way I'd just like to return the favour to someone else combing the threads out there. Check them out... I can't see them dissapointing anyone, really.


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