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RE: Heroine | from BurrisJan 02 2003 - 07:45

Bad spelling: cardinal sin:

my own private spell-check | from mustafaJan 02 2003 - 06:50

that should have read "absurdly", and "voluminous".


RE: Heroine | from mustafaJan 02 2003 - 06:47

I find it absurdely amazing that with the volumnous amounts of information we have available to us these days one still has to ask whether or not heroine (sic) is addictive.

Hey, I really like the looks of this Beretta 9mm. It feels good in my hand, it's fun to twirl in my hand. But if I load it, point it at my head, and pull the trigger will I kill myself?

RE: Heroine | from cJan 02 2003 - 04:58

yeah - maybe it's that deluca guy w/ a different name.

RE: Heroine | from VeinJan 02 2003 - 01:36

This guy knows what kind of reaction he's going to get. Really: it's a cry for help or a bid for attention.

RE: Heroine | from brianJan 01 2003 - 14:58

i use to think the same thing of myself about drugs. had an interest in finding out what different ones would do and to prove that i could not become addicted to them. i would be the one not too.

i just could never do the experiment based on examples i've seen and all the people who took it too far.

it's always been interesting to hear people who have recovered or are recovering talk about their experiences, good and bad. the bad ones seem to happen more and always stick with me.

glad it's still behind you John.

RE: Heroine | from 133nasusJan 01 2003 - 14:40

Heffe! Where the hell you been?!
Come here and gimme some lovin', big boy!

RE: Heroine | from Jason EisertDec 31 2002 - 11:56

I can't believe someone actually asked if heroin is addictive but i guess it's good he did before it was too late. excellent feedback John.

RE: Heroine | from micahDec 31 2002 - 11:43

well said, JB.

RE: Heroine | from an ounce of common senseDec 31 2002 - 08:46

what a stupid fucking question. go on, take it. one less gas station attendant in the world aint gonna hurt me any

RE: Heroine | from HeFFeDec 30 2002 - 18:48

JB is high on life baby!!!

RE: Heroine | from JBDec 30 2002 - 15:31

Sure, you could try it once and not become physically addicted. But depending on how you ingest it, you should be preparred for a major puking. Being that it's you first time, after your done throwing-up, you'll probably feel like you opened a door to some kind of heaven... All of you problems have vanished, you won't insecure about yourself (or anything else)and you'll experience a slo-mo euphoria for about 36 hours. Then you WILL become strangely depressed. Deeply depressed. But don't worry, you will know exactly how to handle this depression. You will want to do some more dope. Even if you manage to get through the initial depression, you will have opened a door, in your mind anyway, to doing this every once in a while.
NO-ONE ever thinks THEY will ever become a junkie. We think we're different, we'll be the exception.
Chances are you will try it,and you will like it. You'll tell yourself that will ONLY do it every OTHER weekend and for about 6 months you will "manage" your psychological dependance. Then you will realize that the depression is more then just depression, it's the sniffles and body aches and a cold sweat and a yearning from evey cell in your body for your "medication". I know of a few people who have used smack and not payed any real prices, but they are the minority. I've also know a lot of people who are no longer walking this earth who probably asked themselves the same question you are asking. If you're not affraid of Endocarditus (heart infection) or Hep C or going to jail or spending all your days and nights getting money to "cop" in an unsavory part of town with unsavory criminals or wasting away on a Methadone program, then maybe heroin is for you. But it's not for me anymore.

RE: Heroine | from Spell CheckerDec 30 2002 - 12:39

I'd recommend being a heroine. But I would advise not to try heroin.

RE: Heroine | from anidahofanDec 30 2002 - 12:37

not only that, but i've heard that it makes one inclined to menace others with large poles in the wee hours of the morning. that's never good.

RE: Heroine | from Don't Do ItDec 30 2002 - 11:25

It's incredibly addictive and dangerous. Don't even consider it.

What's it like | from a curious personDec 30 2002 - 11:02

Really, how addictive is heroine? Could a guy or gal try it once and call it quits? For some reason I'm infatuated with trying it but I have an addictive personality so it's probably not a good idea. Some advice please?

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