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anybody know of these guys?

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RE: early day miners | from douglas delucaDec 13 2002 - 15:45

hey. i listen to this great band often. sooooooooooo good. very refined. the new album after pacer found is of preference. it puts me in such a dreamy state. good memory makin music. reminds me of idaho/red house painters genre.
if you would like to listen to some music i did i have an mp3 site. http://www.mp3.com/douglas_deluca


anybody know of these guys? | from sylvanDec 11 2002 - 22:13

i was just wondering if any idaho fans had heard of this band. Not that they particularly sound anything like idaho. there just really good. If not, check out either of their albums, Placer found or let us bring garlands. Listen to the song "offshore" and weep. you can download it off of kazaa. i hope people like it. thanks.

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