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hearts of palm tab

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RE: hearts of palm tab | from Rob SDec 03 2002 - 05:39

Verspertine is one of my fave albums I think

RE: hearts of palm tab | from Rob SDec 03 2002 - 05:38

Hello there

I've been listening to alot of Australian stuff at the mo. My fave album of the moment is Adam Said Galore's "Of lost roads" album. Get more info here.
Most of the band are in another band called Mukaizaki that features Dan from Bluetile Lounge. Album out next year.

RE: hearts of palm tab | from ailDec 01 2002 - 14:49

hi rob,

as has been mentioned before, that new sigur ros is sublime, also some of bjorks vespertine. I've also been enjoying Jimmy Cliffs the harder thay come soundtrack and a new york singer who i saw as part of a british antifolk tour whoose record i got called toby goodshank who is great. today i bought simians new album and damien rice's album, which so far is very nice. so whats been on your turntable ? ( it doesnt have to be a real turntable, it can be metaphorical )

RE: hearts of palm tab | from Rob SNov 28 2002 - 05:53

Ahh yr a real musical soldier... good on ya. Heard anything good of late?

hearts of palm tab | from aliNov 26 2002 - 16:17

i worked this out a while ago but it's at the end of a thread which is now dead and im not sure if anyone much saw it so im reposting it;

first retune your guitar to egdebe (take the a string down 2 frets and the g string down 3 frets)

then while playing you have to dampen the first and sixth strings ( or for the real authentic idaho sound, remove them )

the first four chords of the first verse are

x 6 6 6 0 x x 9 9 9 0 x x 7 7 5 7 x x 6 6 0 4 x

(hammer on and off the little finger on the e string on the last chord)

then the 4 chords of the next bit which are repeated for ages are

x 6 6 9 0 x x 2 2 5 5 x x 9 9 12 12 x x 4 4 7 0 x


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