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The Show at joes pub in NYC

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RE: The show at joes pub in nyc this past oct. | from ChipNov 05 2002 - 01:16

Nice to have a genuine post after all the lame spam that's been landing here recently.
I love it when you get that connection between lit and music, had that loads of times. Very special and very undervalued, much like Idaho.

The Show at joes pub in NYC | from AngieNov 04 2002 - 19:44

hey there, I never got a chance to write you all and tell you how much I appreciate your creativity. I find myself listening to your music in the happiest times to the saddest times and it always just adds beauty and hope to the situation. Actually I read the book Kitchen By Banana Yoshimoto and listened to all your songs while reading it, sort of as a soundtrack to the book and it was really an amazing combo. But back to the topic which was I saw you play recently at Joes Pub along with past other times also and think you guys are just incredibly talented! My name is Angie I actually met Jeff after the show which i am sure you dont remember me and I dont expect you to but I just wanted to let you know your music means a great deal to me and I hope you never get discouraged from making music. Always, Angie ( my site which is art work.... just thought i would share my visions with you since you give me so much :)

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