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The greatest band you have ever heard.

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RE: CLINIC | from susan331Oct 31 2002 - 13:56

I saw the second half of Clinic's set at SXSW this year and caught them again a week or two later at a tiny venue where I live (well, tiny compared to the venues they'd been playing w/ Radohead!) -- it was totally last-minute yet they packed the joint to the bursting point. Then midway through their set the power to their mics blew out so they ended up going it instrumental and tearing it up as vigorously as they had in the first half. 'Twas a beautiful thing.

I remember getting the Internal Wrangler advance, putting it on, immediately thinking, "What the fuck is THIS shit?!" and turning it off. So liking them was definitely not an immediate thing for me. Clinic are very much an acquired taste; either you get them or you don't. Definitely one of the most inventive groups I've heard in some time. And they rhyme 'vegetables' with 'obstacles'! If that ain't the shiznit I don't know what is.

RE: CLINIC | from scoobidooOct 31 2002 - 10:42

Well, I've seen them on stage two years ago. I remember it was during a radiohead gig, they did the overture. Not really exciting, I'm affraid... too much freezy

The greatest band you have ever heard. | from frankyOct 31 2002 - 10:09


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