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Set List-April 1996

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RE: Other set lists | from DeniseOct 27 2002 - 18:19

OHHHH Chris!! Re-reading that set list makes me want to cry and relive the show again....maybe someday we can kidnap the band and somehow force them to play until they pass out....whadya think??? Anyone want to help?? (Just kidding of course--sort of)

Set List-April 1996 | from ChrisOct 27 2002 - 14:24

This is another set list Jeff gave me from Apri 1996 show in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill...thought it might be of interest:
Sliding Past-Shoulder Back-Pomegranate Bleeding-Shame-No One's Watching-The Worm-Sound Awake-Get You Back-SkyScrape-Sonoc Boom

great show as I recall...huh D?

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