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gig at ekko | from michelOct 03 2002 - 18:11

Just got back from the Utrecht gig, which was just great to my ears. Sloppy maybe to the regulars, there were like maybe a 100 people there, of which I estimate 20 really knew Idaho, I enjoyed he fuss as much as everything that went right. But I found it amazing how this band had to “work” really hard to get everyones attention. Seemed unfair. For me it was just sheer delight from starters. I was in awe to see them play live after so many years, to hear songs I ‘ve known for so long, to hear new stuff as well that I really liked.
I really thought Jeff was courageous playing creep by himself as the last song of the bonus.
Tried to take some pics the oldfashioned way, wouldn’t know if they turned out right (looked good through the lense though).
Spoke to Jeff, John, Dale and Dale afterwards, such great guys (including you Dale). Got to tell Jeff how much I admired his stuff –to what in amsterdam I somehow didn’t get the chance to- Bought the new record, heard some familiar stuff (was that on the net somewhen?) while driving back home.
I recorded the show as well, not too great but not too bad either, it’s on tape... Must get it on cd rightly.

So Idaho, thanks a lot for playing out here and thanks for being such great guys. Catch you later! Michel.

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