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exile follies

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RE: exile follies | from eraserheadSep 25 2002 - 13:44

You really should have stayed. The show was amazing. John Doe sounded incredible as did Kristin Hersh. At the end they all came out and played "sugar mountain" and closed with "when the levee breaks". One of the best parts of the show was how cool the performers were. they were very funny and friendly.
I am not too big on TT's either along with avalon which is were most bands go to. The middle east were Idaho should play.

RE: exile follies | from terminalbSep 25 2002 - 10:03

I was there last night, but I only stayed for Grant Phillips because the person I was with wanted to leave. I really only went to see him, but I would have stayed otherwise. His set at TT's with a full band was a little better I think, but it was way over crowded. I really hope Idaho doesn't play there again because I despise that place. How was the rest of the show? I assume the three of them jammed at the end.

exile follies | from eraserheadSep 25 2002 - 07:12

I caught the show last night. It was fantastic.
For those unfamiliar it is Grant Lee Phillips, Kristin Hersh and John Doe playing all acoustic sets.
Has anyone else seen this show?

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