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RE: Hayden Nooz | from Seth HowardOct 02 2002 - 09:21

I guess I'll respectfully disagree about Howie Beck then.

RE: Hayden Nooz | from DeanoOct 02 2002 - 03:14

Yeah: don't be so picky looking for a crack in someones compliment!!
For me the new LP is just alot more relaxed and feels more natural and less forced than the last two and therefore more genuinely emotional.
And he's playing brighton this month!! Idaho and Hayden in one month wahey!!
( it's my birthday today so I'm overexcited!! )

RE: Hayden Nooz | from pyotrOct 01 2002 - 18:52

Well, what I said (as I did say) was that his latest album is more "musical" which I didn't know refered to musicality. However, I will say that what I meant was that Hayden sounds like a much better musician than on previous albums, and the music he is writing is better than it was on previous albums. That's all.

RE: Hayden Nooz | from SonicpressSep 30 2002 - 04:19

What does it mean to describe something's level of musicality? I've heard this said before, but always took it as nonsense. Do those words actually mean something?

RE: Hayden Nooz | from pyotrSep 20 2002 - 07:15

ah, hayden. his new album is great, much more cohesive and (dare I say?) musical than his first three. i saw him perform earlier this year in montreal. great stuff. definitely worth checking out.

has anyone actually heard the live album yet?

RE: Hayden Nooz | from DeanoSep 19 2002 - 07:39

But Howie is middle of the road slush. def does NOT rock!!

RE: Hayden Nooz | from DeanoSep 19 2002 - 01:17

I love the new Hayden LP. Easily the best thing he's done. Long way down = lush. He's doing a little tour of the UK at the mo so get off your arses and go see him!!

RE: Hayden Nooz | from Seth HowardSep 18 2002 - 17:37

I don't really understand the facination with Hayden, but Howie Beck rocks from what I've heard.

Oh, and I HATE how Badman shamlessly reissues the SAME MATERIAL OVER AND OVER.

Visit Beautiful Skyscraper National Park! | from susan331Sep 18 2002 - 13:24

(shamelessly stolen from Badman Recording Co's Web site):

'After a 3 year hiatus, in 2002 Hayden delivered the highly acclaimed full-length Skyscraper National Park and fans rejoiced. His previous albums Everything I Long For and The Closer I Get (Outpost/Geffen) garnered him "vital" status by the tastemakers at Spin and his contribution of the title track to Steve Buscemi's "Trees Lounge" cemented his cult following. He brought his magic on the road for several months, storming through sold out theatre shows in Canada and packed venues in the US.

Live from Convocation Hall, his new double-CD live album, is a performance of songs from Hayden's three domestic releases, as well his limited edition Canadian EP "Moving Closer" and the title track from "Tree's Lounge." The performance is taken from his March 2002 sold-out show in Toronto, Ontario. Though it was recorded live it remains intimate and engaging, showcasing both his moving bravura and legendary razor-sharp wit. Hayden plays acoustic guitar and piano and is joined by string and horns on several of the tracks. Julie Doiron and Howie Beck sing along on his cover of Neil Young's "Tell Me Why."

The album features new tracks: "Holster ," I Don't Think We Should Ever Meet," & "Woody" plus a cover version of Neil Young's "Tell My Why."In addition, the packaging includes a 16-page booklet designed by Hayden and a video for "Carried Away" will be produced in support of the album.'

Badman's also putting out a sampler called Badman's Bedtime Maladies soon, w/ tracks by Ken Stringfellow, Lanterna, My Morning Jacket, Rebecca Gates and a Scott Walker cover by a dueting Paula Frazer (Tarnation) and Mark Eitzel.

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