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RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from dan Feb 22 2001 - 16:31

They are a mix of semi-custom and stock. The neck pickups are all stock telecaster neck pickups from Seymour Duncan. On most of the recordings in the past Jeff prefers this pickup. The others are custom 4-pole piece Seymour Duncan 59 PAFs. Same winding as the 59 PAF, just two fewer pole pieces. The yellow telecaster guitar has a Seymour Duncan stacked humbucker in the bridge position (the narrow kind that fits in a tele bridge). I almost exclusively used the humbuckers.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from KyleFeb 22 2001 - 15:25

Hey Jeff and Dan.....

What kinds of pick-ups do you guys use? I love your clean guitar tone. Are those humbuckers? What brand?

Thanks for the tunes guys........

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from trevFeb 08 2001 - 09:57

dan wrote:

"You can do true bypass on the big muff pi if you use one of the 3p3t switches from fulltone. I think
he sells these. Just email him and tell him what you are trying to do. The big muff pi rules all
hell with an iron fist. "

I have one of the old, big stupid button black big muffs. The parts tolerences on these bad boys are pretty generous. Mine sound really different than my other guitarists.

His sounds like Mark Arm (Mudhoney) with the smooth-N-fuzz smoking lead tone, whereas mine sounds like that six-thousand-tons-of-dark-screaming-wall-of-death sound.

You know what I'm saying.

Anyway, I talked to a guy who does pedal mods (AnalogMan) about putting in one of Fuller's 3p3t switches, but because I have the big ass button, it won't fit. I'm going to have to drill out a bud box to do it, and I've been way too lazy. Not a bad idea though. The case on the big muff is too damned big anyway- took up half of my pedal board.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffFeb 08 2001 - 09:13

that may have been a roland SRV-2000. there is one great preset on those....depending on what year you bought it ...it was either preset 10 or 26. to my ears now the thing sounds like crap though. i think some of the new 24 bit reverbs ...most likely lexicon ....are the best.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamFeb 07 2001 - 13:21

Hey Dan, Jeff, et al. I'm looking for a decent and relatively inexpensive reverb unit for live vocal applications. I love the verb on the "People like us should be stopped" recording. Is that the venue's board verb, or....? Any suggestions/tips would be helpful, thanks!

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danFeb 02 2001 - 15:54

You can do true bypass on the big muff pi if you use one of the 3p3t switches from fulltone. I think he sells these. Just email him and tell him what you are trying to do. The big muff pi rules all hell with an iron fist.

RE: idaho instruments/equipment | from trevorFeb 02 2001 - 10:33

"The sound is in your fingers."
is the moldiest guitar cliche
going, but the more I've played,
the more I realize it's

I hear that, if you forgive the pun.
I just ripped my pedal board apart
and have pretty much just left the
pedals with true bypass in and my
tone has gotten better by an order
of magnitude. If you can measure
these things.

I have on of those Carl Martin
compressors, and I have to say my
old MXR DYnacomp is going to go
back in soon. I pretty much just
use compression to give a little
extra sauce to my feedback (since
I now play at about half of the
volume that I used to, as well
as to amplify little squeeks and
boinging sounds my Jag and
Jazzmaster make. I was trying to
avoid using distortion as much as
possible, but still wanting to get
feedback and sustain.

The rig is pretty much down to this:

Gtr -> Boss tuner (still working!) ->
comp -> Fulldrive2 (everything Dan says
it is, and much much more) -> Line6 Delay
-> and out.

Kind of miss my big muff though. Might have to
built something that makes it true bypass
because that evil thing just detroys your clean

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffFeb 02 2001 - 10:24

i think john used some horrible boss distortion...something that had 'METAL'" in the name. the amp was always a JCM 800 marshall or a vox AC30...the big distotion shit was always the marshall i believe. john probably used the ibanez tube screamer along with the boss. he probably remembers this stuff a little better...i dont know how often he looks at this board though....i do remember now that he used a wah wah(vox) almost all the time . listen his playing on skyscrape for a good example of that

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamFeb 02 2001 - 10:07

Does anyone know what kind of dist/overdrive was used on the guitars (Jeff and John's) on year after year? Thank ya.....

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from Seth HowardFeb 01 2001 - 18:08

Hmm... I think everyone's looking for a magic box. The problem is the more magic boxes you add to your signal chain, the more of your instrument's true tone gets sucked away.

If you're looking for a little more sustain and definition, try one of these:

1. Change your strings more often.

2. Try playing strings 1 gauge heavier than you're used to or changing brands.

3. Invest in some quality cables (the shortest ones you can get away with).

4. Strip your pedalboard down to the bare essentials - you'll probably find that you don't miss the pedals you set aside after awhile, and you can always pull them out in the studio. Having fewer toys in a live situation can be a lot more fun. You can concentrate on playing more, and searching for one bad connection in a big pedalboard in the middle of a set can be a real drag.

Sorry. I feel like I'm being preachy now. From my previous post, you can probably guess I'm not too into effects, so I'm not really that qualified to give advice on them, but personally, I think that most stompbox compressors are only useful if you're going for a really extreme effect. Natural compression from a good tube amp is much better.

"The sound is in your fingers." is the moldiest guitar cliche going, but the more I've played, the more I realize it's true.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danFeb 01 2001 - 17:51

I don't like compressors all too well. I used to play the CS-2 and also played the TC electronics compressor (pre Idaho days). On a purely gut level feeling I think they tend to smooth some of the music out of things. I also found that when using them with distorto boxes for feedback stuff, the low level stuff gets turned way up and consequently you get a lot of hum and hiss elevated to really high levels. For feedback, nothing beats standing in the river of sound and gingerly carving out the sound you are after.

To my ears the difference between the Solid State and tube rectifier is less dramatic. Solid state to me sounds like you have just put brand new power tubes in. And both sound great just before your power tubes are about to die. I do agree though that there is a difference. You know I never noticed that the twin was solid state (everything except for the tweed models). You learn something new every day!!

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from trevor bajusFeb 01 2001 - 14:28

I hate to disagree with Dan, (but sometimes I do)
but the rectifier makes a huge difference
to the sound of an amp. A tube recto is
less efficient, causing the power section to 'sag'
which means that the amp is not getting as much power
on the transients, thereby adding compression to the signal.

Solid state rectos give a louder, cleaner, and more
linear response. Notes tend to be sharper
and clearer. Listen to the difference between
a fender deluxe (tube recto) and a twin
(solid state) The deluxe is heavier
and dirtier, and the twin is thinner and

Neither one is better than the other.
My two main amps are a '68 vibrolux (tube recto)
and a '61 pro (solid state). I love 'em both, but
I have been using the pro more lately.
The brownface circutry gives a dirtier
sound but the solid state recto gives it a
bit more definition.

BTW: Check out my band's new website:


RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamFeb 01 2001 - 11:26

Anyone have an opinion on Compression-Sustainers?
I play a lot of appregiated clean chords, and I'm looking for a tool
to even out the volume differential between the highs and lows. I've
been pretty successful at doing so with my boss eq, but I feel that
it could still use some fine-tuning. Also I was looking for a device
to add a little body (sustain) for distorted harmonics and
feedback. Any tips regarding products/toys? I figured this would
be the place to ask. I've seen the pedal that Boss makes (CS-2, CS-3)
but I haven't tried it or any others yet......

The Rat Quandry | from Seth HowardJan 29 2001 - 13:33

I agree with you 100% Dan. I have had a love/hate relationship with my Rats for close to 10 years. They're kind of harsh sounding pedals, but nothing else gooses a tube amp like a Rat, and I've never found another pedal that can quite do the job. Every other overdrive/distortion pedal sounds a little too wimpy (or tasteful!) when compared to a Rat - even the FullDrive 2 (to my ears anyway).

I recently bought a Fulltone Fat Boost (after trying a Micro Amp, and a Zvex Hard-On), and it really compliments the Rat nicely - kicking it up a notch while smoothing out the tone for louder passages. Plus, it can be used on its own for a great clean boost. I usually use the Rat first before switching on the Fat Boost, but it works just as well the other way too.

I'd love to shelve the Rat, but nothing else really comes close. I've heard really good things about the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, but no store around here carries it, and it's a bit pricey to buy without checking it out first. Besides, I hear it's more of a Tube Screamer type of sound anyway, which I'm not always wild about.

Anyway, if I could offer my two cents to Adam, I'd say that I've never regretted buying quality gear, even when it meant eating ramen for months. It's the poorly built stuff or the stuff that isn't quite right that makes me kick myself every time. Fulltone pedals are great because they are not built for a price point or a profit margin. They are built to sound great and last forever.

As far as tube rectifiers go, I think amps that have them (all other things being equal - as much as possible) do sound a little better. But, as Dan pointed out, keeping a tube amp well maintained is the single most important factor in its tone.

Depending on what your stage volume is or how much headroom or versatility you need, the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia head is a nice little amp. No reverb though, and no master volume - just one volume and one tone control. It's not a swiss army knife amp, but it has one really great sound (as opposed to many so-so sounds).

harmony-central.com is a good resource if you're comparing gear - even used gear. Good luck!

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 29 2001 - 11:54

Yes, Fulltone makes a great pedal, but I can't afford the mortgage required to purchase them.....sigh.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danJan 29 2001 - 11:14

I kind of hate the ProCo rat pedal and am always trying to get it to leave my board, but just like hair, when you decide to cut it it starts looking really good again. It helps make the other pedals break over into psychotic distortion in ways that the other pedals don't. I never use it as the base distortion. It is way too harsh sounding. I use the FullDrive 2 as the base distortion, bump it up with the 2nd section of the FullDrive, and then either add the Big Muff Pi or the Rat depending on the level of grit and grain I want in the sound. Another great pedal I picked up a while ago was the Fulltone SoulBender. It is pretty darned cool, but doesn't sound good with every guitar.

Hope I have helped.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from PhilJan 28 2001 - 19:54

I think he means Ampeg.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffJan 28 2001 - 15:07

my p-bass is a 1964...on that song it may have been direct through a neve 1272 and then a tube tech compressor which actually sucks on bass... a urie (sp?) compressor would be better..i think it an 1176? or something like that....i have an amped V40 bass amp dealy thats pretty cool ...the best is the ampeg portaflex for that nice deep, round thing.

bass setup | from tomJan 28 2001 - 14:57

i'm a guitarist, and i just got a new fender p-bass to record with. i was wondering if i could get some insight from jeff as to what kind of EQ settings he uses, what amps, effects, et cetera. i really admire the sound you achieved on "yesterday's unwinding," and i'm trying to get a similar bassy bass sound into my music.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 26 2001 - 13:59

I always thought that Fender made a pretty decent reverb...

How do you like that ProCo Rat dist? What applications do you use it for? Additional boost, or do you base your overdrive around it? (I checked out your setup on Guitargeek.com)

Maybe you should charge me an appraisal fee? Thanks again for your help/advice. I don't know too many technical minded guitarists...

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danJan 26 2001 - 13:25

Stay with what you have on the reverb side of things. It is hard to beat a spring reverb. The only thing that is different about your reverb and the old amps reverbs is that a tube circuit drives the signal on the older ones. I think the signal in the pre-amp stage or just after is either stepped up or stepped down and sent to a transducer that vibrates back and forth depending on the signal fed to it. The transducer is coupled to a spring which transmits these vibrations to another transducer which works in the exact opposite direction, turning the vibrations back into a varying electric signal. The spring does all of the work, transmitting the original signal as well as reflections from either end of the spring. That is what gives you the echo sound. The driver circuit is just getting the signal to the proper level for the transducers. Obviously a tube circuit will be a bit warmer, but I think it is negligable when you compare it to the harshness of a digital reverb.

I have never bought effects on ebay. I tried to buy a couple of microphones, but I generally find that people know what they are looking for and bid things up to pretty high levels for desirable things. Take time on the road to see if you can find cool things. We always found neat things out there that were underappreciated.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 26 2001 - 11:17

I appreciate your help, Dan. I've been scouring the internet over the last few days, looking for info on this s.s. rectifier business, with little luck. I just didn't want to make the mistake of purchasing a tube amp that would end up with that processed solid state tone, y-know? I know it's got a solid state reverb unit, and effect loop, but I never use loops, and the reverb I can live with until I find a decent peddle for that. Have you used e-bay for any of your peddle purchases, or have they all been second hand store finds? Just curious. Where I live, there are few goldmines for such things...

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danJan 26 2001 - 10:36

The rectifier has nothing to do with the sound of the amplifier. It is either a tube or a set of diodes that turns AC into DC for the remainder of the tubes. Solid state rectifiers are a hell of a lot more efficient and you get more power out of the amp with them. I don't worry too much about the bias unless my amp sounds strange. I think the folks at Groove Tubes take it a little too far, though if I knew how to SAFELY do it I would probably mess around with it. If your amp sounds choked or weak or on the other side too mushy or distorted chances are you need a bias adjustment. I honestly don't think you will have to worry about this with a fairly new amp. What kind of tubes come with the amp? If they are groove tubes and you like the sound of the amp, get a backup matched set and everything should be great. Years down the road you will have to worry about your filter capacitors and getting them replaced, but that is a long way off. The best thing to do is find an amp repair guy who is really good and that you trust. I'll see if I can find a better source of information on bias for you.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 25 2001 - 21:44

Also, any thoughts on solid-state rectifiers? Do they degrade tube tone, and are tube rectifiers available on new amplifiers? Worth the hassle?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 25 2001 - 20:49

Thanks for the links Dan, very informative. This "bias" thing kind of scares me though. I don't think the FAQ on that one site explained it clearly enough. Is it that hard to replace your power output tubes, even if they are matched and of the same make as the ones you are replacing? Surely this wouldn't require a re-biasing, would it? These questions are probabably rudimentary, but this tube stuff is all new to me....What kind of tubes are you using? Thanks again.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 24 2001 - 15:10

ten year drought (we actually played with Idaho in Windsor Ontario in November). We are doing a 10 day North-Eastern jaunt (Chicago-New York-Detroit and all points in between) in April. I just want to make sure that I have some back up tubes for the Deville.

I've heard horror stories regarding tube-amplifiers and reliability. (By the way, I'm a huge fan Dan. Saw you at the Shelter in Detroit during the three sheets tour. Your accuracy and precision rocks.) Have you had to replace the tubes in your Fender often?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danJan 24 2001 - 14:02

What band? Where touring?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 24 2001 - 14:01

Thanks, Dan. I'll check those out..

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danJan 24 2001 - 13:56

Try and find NOS (New Old Stock) tubes. They make an incredible difference. Quality of manufacture is dramatically different nowadays. The differences between these and NOS tubes are overall sound and durability. You will find that the newer tubes will wear out faster (you shouldn't have to worry about that too much though, I am pretty sure the Fender Deville is a class B amplifier and is far easier on the Power tubes than a class A amp) and they won't sound as good. Older tubes generally are warmer with a little less output. There are a couple of places on the web where you can order NOS tubes. Tubestore.com comes immediately to mind. If you have to use new tubes, I would recommend Groove Tubes as they are at least matched. There are many other issues with tubes and their relationship with the amplifier, most notably bias. Check out Aspen Pittman's book on tube amplifiers or the Groove Tubes site for general information about this stuff. There is also a good little artice that you can find on the Guitar Effects Oriented web site: http://www.geofex.com/index.htm check out the tube amp faq on the main page. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional information or pointers to other resources. Good luck.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from adamJan 24 2001 - 12:50

Dan or Jeff, (or anybody, really)

I'm about to purchase a new Fender Deville, and I'm looking for replacement/spare tubes for her before my band hits the road in April. I know it comes stocked with Sovteks, but I was just wondering if you guys had any experiences (good or bad) with any other particular tubes.... I'm relatively new to tube amps, and could use any info you guys could offer. Thanks.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from christianNov 07 2000 - 23:19


check out brent ridley's idaho site for guitar tuning info.

you can link to it from jeff's idaho home page.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from DaveNov 01 2000 - 21:38


I'm a big fan and also a guitar player and I'm curious as to what kinds of tunings you use.I noticed at the philly show that you were tuning in between songs
so I assume you use more than one tuning. Can you tell us the secret recipe(s)? I enjoy playing
in alternate tunings and would love to know some of the ones that work for you.
Also I caught your Philadelphia show and noticed that you were mostly playing 4 sting guitars.
Jeff is credited with "4 string guitar" in most records but I assumed
you just took some strings off of a regular 6 string guitar like the b 52's or something.
Is that how you started. Did you have these guitars custom built?


RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from danAug 15 2000 - 17:28


Today's revision would be that I also
like the metal stompbox version
Boss tuner. Nice and durable. The
one I hated was the plastic flat one
where the crappy plastic jacks were
soldered to the circuit board. One
errant step on your cable plug at
the tuner either weakened the jack
to circuit board solder joint, or worse
cracked the circuit board. Piece of

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffAug 15 2000 - 17:22

we use a yamaha a3000 sampler...i need more RAM though....i hope i can get it in there without buying a new one.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from trevorAug 15 2000 - 16:20

I hate to disagree, but as far as durability goes
my Boss floor tuner is by far the best stage
tuner I have ever used. I used to go through them
about once every six months or so, but
the boss is still kicking. No burned out lights,
no faulty switches.

I am refering to the one that has the same steel case
and shape as there distortion pedals.

I hated those listt plastic ones too.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from Ulrich Toni TsitsosAug 13 2000 - 01:56

hello jeff and dan,

i am very curious about what hardware-sampler you use. what I like to do is loop some piano chords and riffs and perform live to that (with guitar, bass and drums).
is the line 6 28 sec sampler that you work with able to perform in that fashion ?

looking forward to your german shows in novenmber. please let me know the dates and places you will play .

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffMar 20 2000 - 02:01

proV's are mysteriously sublime sounding....maybe mines haunted....wine country is the place for these.....the "ARTIC" mispell is the artist's mistake who designed the tie i scanned off of

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from LorenMar 16 2000 - 18:03

I was curious about your S.C. Prophet 5 experiences...
Does it give you much trouble... what with tuning stability, parts frying/fizzeling out, that sorta thing...
I am considering buying one... and they're so bloody expensive... i thought i'd seek advice...
I know Wine Country sells reconditioned S.C. stuff...
Have you ever dealt w/ them?
Thanks very much!

OH yeah... how often do you get folks telling you how to spell ARCTIC ?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from Seth HowardMar 13 2000 - 16:51

I've been looking for a four string electric for a while now, to start experimenting with tuning in 5ths, but the best example I've found so far is this:


At $1350 it's a little pricey for my budget - especially considering I play in a more conventional band where it would not be used. Would anyone have any
suggestions for where I might pick up a soild body four string on the cheap?

- Jeff and Dan If you ever want to sell any old ones, please let me know.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jonMar 11 2000 - 21:05

i just wanted to say that your drum sounds are the best i have ever heard. is that in the mics? like it says in the liner to the forbidden ep, they sound pregnant, so full and responsive, and just great, great, great.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffMar 10 2000 - 14:18

the record didnt turn out to be more piano based in the end...of course my prophet 5 is all over the place.....i love her

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from kennMar 03 2000 - 22:59

i know the new record is going to be more piano based.
will the prophets still play a big part in future records?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from dan setaMar 02 2000 - 23:31

I am going on a tuner hunt this weekend. I will let you know what I find. We are also hunting some more fulltone pedals this weekend. They are really nice. I wish someone would make a more robust version of the roland 501. There is some new fancy thing coming out that is just like the original echoplex, but it only has one read and one record head. boo. The beauty of th 501 is all of the weird sound on sound stuff you get with staggered delays etc.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jessicaMar 02 2000 - 15:48

dan, how about the Korg DT1 pro guitar stagetuner? i use it for bass for two years now. its got mute -line out only, i'm not sure about DI- and bypass. michel is a fool, ignore him haha.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from michelMar 02 2000 - 11:19

Hey Dan, what i like to do is to shove a cheap a/b switch somewhere reachable on the floor and hit it when tuning needed. That bypass crap fooled me a few times. In this way you get total silence and you can tune on basicly every crappy machine on the b-line you got available. Still, not while playing, i guess its what your standards are. Works for me though..

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffMar 02 2000 - 11:18

we use pro tools (16 bit). i have a pair of apoggee D/A filters which help fight against the "harshness" of the digital domain. usually i do track the drums at home but the room is just too small. weve got a few channels of neve pre-amps and a couple of old tube compressors.....and the old AKG tube mic really helps (C24)

Hard disk recorders | from RandyMar 02 2000 - 03:12


Well since you guys are recording on a Mac, I'm wondering what kind of hardware/software recording setup you guys use. I've been recording on a PC-based workstation and *love* the freedom, but yeah drums can't be easily tracked in a condo, y'know? Just looking to pick yer brain on the computer stuff.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from dan setaMar 01 2000 - 21:18

Hi there,

The most current setup in reverse order is a 64 fender deluxe, a roland space echo 501 or 301 depending on which one is working, a mxr phase 90, an old electro harmonix big muff pi (really old, without all of the kooky 70's graphics), a fulltone fulldrive 2 (best distortion pedal I have ever owned), an ernie ball volume pedal and a crappy boss tuner.
We have used this tiny little gibson amp on a few things on the record as well. I think it has an 8 inch speaker. Almost all of the color guitar on this and Alas were recorded on the Deluxe. It just breaks up so sweetly.
Some new guitars are in the works as well and I think we are going to change out some of our pickups (I am for sure, I am not sure about senor Martin).

Does anyone have any recommendations for good tuners that have a mute and true bypass? I despise the boss tuners.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from jeffMar 01 2000 - 15:38

dave...if im not mistaken"let's cheat death" is just john berry playing slide on a 6 string tuned to something odd. he was just making noise and i( or marty brumbach) pushed record...this was back in early '93 so ? maybe it has a little bit of eventide harmonizer on it....the setting might have been called"thick loop"?? we used that sound on feedback guitars a lot in those days

To Jeff & Dan - discover any cool gear in 99? | from DanMar 01 2000 - 15:19

To Jeff & Dan:
Any cool new gear worth noting?

I'm getting some good mileage out of my Line 6 Delay Modeler.
The 28 sec loop sampler, sweep echo, and reverse delay are pretty cool.
I have a mp3 of something I made using the loop sampler at:

Dave - the following was posted on the imusic message board
a while back:

Wed May 12 15:35:52 PDT 1999
Our guitar setups are forever changing. Currently I play through an early 60s Fender Deluxe. I use an Ernie
Ball volume pedal, a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, an old Rat, a very old Electro Harmonix NYC Big Muff Pi, either a
MXR Phase 90 or a MXR Micro Amp depending upon my mood, and a Roland RE-201 Space Echo. All
powered pedals get their power from a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power box. -dan

Sat May 8 12:28:23 PDT 1999
jeff: vox ac-30, ac-15 and ac-10,ibanez tube screamer, roland tape echo. dan: fender deluxe, roland tape
echo, volume booster, rat (rarely), shitty boss dig. reverb that will be tossed soon.

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from DaveFeb 29 2000 - 20:45

Jeff, I was just curious, what
sort of pedals and amps have you
used or been using?
I'm also really curious how you
got those cool ambient textures on
"Let's Cheat Death." Any secrets?

RE: idaho istruments/equipment | from studioFeb 29 2000 - 20:03

we record almost everything at home on the mac. we tracked alas on my old 3M 16 track which i have since sold ....too old and unreliable. a few weeks ago we tracked drums at bill's studio which you may have seen in the video. that was a fluke. we do everything at home without an engineer...and no we arent signed to no gosh dern label.

Recording | from randyFeb 29 2000 - 19:40

Heya, it looks like you guys used a real snazzy studio for this album. Have you thought about investing in home recording equipent (computer-based workstations etc.) to enable you to record as often as you like? Or is this something the record co. decides (are you even with a record co. right now?)

Can't wait to see you up here in NCal.

machines | from jeffFeb 29 2000 - 19:33

sometimes people ask me about our guitars and/or recording, technical stuff so......

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