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RE: We Were Young.... | from BradSep 08 2002 - 22:19

i think "social studies" was a wise omission. good song, but wouldn't have fit with the character of HOP, imo.

i think we're running the review tomorrow (9/9/02). don't count on it, though.

RE: We Were Young.... | from hSep 08 2002 - 16:51

YES YES....LYRICS PLEASE!!! They are pure genius....please post

RE: We Were Young.... | from gpSep 08 2002 - 11:02

Pure genious to end with Drown. and to end it too soon when I haven't had enough of it yet! Makes me play the whole CD over again.

RE: We Were Young....lyrics | from craigSep 08 2002 - 06:50

jeff - would you please post lyrics to your new release on the website? thanx, craig

RE: We Were Young.... | from cSep 07 2002 - 12:36

i can't stop listening to "social studies". the chorus is so catchy it's just ridiculous. why on earth was this song left off hearts of palm??? i'm not complaining, i just think that "s.s." is better than 75% of what's on h.o.p., and i love that album.

RE: We Were Young.... | from scoobidooSep 07 2002 - 10:40

I've found a review of WWYAWNTM in a french webzine. I know, I know it's in french... but for the lucky guys who speak moliere's language it must be interesting.


RE: We Were Young.... | from mplastrSep 06 2002 - 21:56

i agree. 'much closer now' is amazing. and i think 'shoulder back' is my fave right now.

RE: We Were Young.... | from eraserheadSep 06 2002 - 13:49

I love this CD. It is just so nice to hear new (or not so new) Idaho. Much Closer Now is an amazing song, I am surprised this one wasn't picked for an LP.

RE: We Were Young.... | from DeanoSep 06 2002 - 01:39

Hey, Brad: pitchfork is fab: thanks for all the info and great reviews!! where are you guys based?? and what's the new Doug Marsch LP like??

RE: We Were Young.... | from Brad HaywoodSep 05 2002 - 19:55

being a bigger fan of the later releases, i'm not gonzo about this one, but i do like it quite a bit. expect a review on pitchfork soon.

RE: We Were Young.... | from kevinSep 05 2002 - 18:53

hi ya...

RE: We Were Young.... | from kevinSep 05 2002 - 18:52

hi ya...

RE: We Were Young.... | from christianSep 04 2002 - 05:22

agreed. social studies and flat top are my favorites but every song is great. i think it's my favorite idaho cd since alas.

RE: We Were Young.... | from dSep 04 2002 - 01:07

Is anyone listening??? I cannot stop playing this...incredible

new album | from dSep 03 2002 - 23:16

Recieved We Were Young....a few days ago and have literally been listenening to it ever since....FREAKIN AMAZING!!! It's all just so good...hate to sound like an ingrate, but it leaves me wanting more and more. I wish this album was hours and hours long--one hour is not enough IDAHO. If Flat top was an hour long I'd be happy!!

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