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Knitting Factory in 2000 NYC

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RE: 33 &1/3 | from adam in nycJul 23 2002 - 12:38

thank you so much, tha's the right band. I didnt think to put in 33.3 i always searched 33 1/3. awesome!

RE: 33 &1/3 | from markbJul 22 2002 - 13:20

That's the label that put out 33.3 albums. You can get them on insound or amazon (as well as hear samples). Unless it's a completely different band. I haven't heard them yet.

Knitting Factory in 2000 NYC | from adam in nycJul 22 2002 - 12:41

john, jeff or dail,
in 2000 you played knitting factory in new york along with the opening band 33 1/3, i have forever been trying to find thier album or even a website for them, would you possibly have any info on them? I've tried google and the like with no results. Looking forward to the new album and you coming here in october, wouldnt miss it for anything. If anyone else was at the show and have info or even bought the cd they were selling, please let me know. thanks

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