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roland space echo

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RE: roland space echo | from jeffJun 22 2002 - 08:34

the best part about the space echo is that (if your lucky) every time the tape splice goes over the heads, a little warble occurs and then repeats .... my roland is in the perfect state of disrepair...i read somewhere that many years ago brian eno said that his favorite synthesizers where the broken ones

RE: roland space echo | from danJun 21 2002 - 00:46

There is something beautiful about tape,...especially old tape that has been by the heads a bunch of times and slightly warbly capstans, etc. I have played nearly everything, and I have yet to hear anything that has the same presence as the tape delays or the oilcan delays. I don't think it is elitist or anything, I just think it sounds better.

RE: roland space echo | from Dave B.Jun 20 2002 - 15:30

Try a delay by a company called TC. You might be able to put a looping filter onto the sound to emulate the tape sound being degraded every time the sound passes off of the tape via tape head and back to the input, tape head input, etc. Usually the delay time is quick on those things, so it sounds almost like reverb at a quick speed.

I had a Space Echo years ago, sounded really cool with a guitar going in and the Space Echo going out into the amp.


Oops sorry, this question was directed to IDAHO...

roland space echo | from JohnnyJun 19 2002 - 08:40

I read earlier that you use a Roland Space Echo. I read on another board that there is plugins that simulates echo with the same results, but with much better results.
My question is what where you stand in that issue? Most folks that got the original thing says you canĀ“t compare them.
Elitist thinking or not?

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