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Kirk Swan

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RE: Dumptruck | from danJul 07 2000 - 11:42

For the Country is a great record.
If I remember correctly, a lot of
that album was written while Kirk
was still in the band.

I moved up to Boston after school
and was playing with some friends
from Cincinnati. We hooked up
with Kirk at some show (maybe the
dB's) and started playing with him.
We played a couple of shows there
and then he was itching to get out
to California to be with his
sweetie, so we went along for the
ride. We played like mad for a year
or so under the name Boo Radley
recorded a few demos, met some
really nice people and then all
started going separate ways. I
drifted into a band Pet Clarke next
through Brian McPherson and Marty
Brumbach who were managing/producing
the band. I brought Mark Lewis into
that fold from a band he had played
with for years called the Bed Shredders.
We played like mad for a couple of
years, recorded some singles and
demos and then Marty and Brian
introduced me to the Idaho world where
I have resided ever since except for
a small sideline stint as Eleni
Mandell's guitar player for about
three quarters of a year.

Probably more information than you
cared to get.

Kirk Swan | from J. WilliamJul 05 2000 - 08:49

Dan - I had no idea about your (tenuous) connection with
Kirk from Dumptruck. "For the Country" is an excellent album,
(although I guess it was recorded after Kirk Swan had left the
band). How did you hook up with him? What happened with that?

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