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RE: rivulets | from piker samJun 16 2002 - 09:37

i like the Rivulets. he makes damn good music.

RE: rivulets | from JohnJun 15 2002 - 01:16

Fucking amazing. You have to see this kid to believe him live. Had the chance to experience him in Chicago on a "working holiday". There is a site here: http://www.rivulets.net Hopefully he will get to us Scots soon. The album is gorgeous, more dreamy than the live show, but well worth it.

RE: rivulets | from CatypillieJun 09 2002 - 18:49

I take 3 rivulets after every meal. Keeps...my...concentration...

Time for dinner.

rivulets | from sandyJun 08 2002 - 13:51

anyone here into rivulets? really good singer-songwriter stuff on low's label. just getting into him recently and though idaho fans might know more...

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