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RE: Live Shows | from KiniJun 27 2000 - 15:11

Great Jeff, so much for my "secret" name. Stay away from Dan...he thinks he has rabies. If he starts barking, howling at the moon, chasing cars or fetching...take him to the ER.
And...No. I can't go. Why do you think I was trying to get you to play on a weekend.
How's the Squirrel?

RE: Live Shows | from jeffJun 27 2000 - 13:57

thanks for the reminder kini...i think your husband is coming over to rehearse tonight.....we'll see everyone at bottom of the hill on the 5th no?

San Francisco | from KiniJun 27 2000 - 10:04

Don't you have a show on July 5th in San Francisco at The Bottom of the Hill?

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