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which do you prefer?

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RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from DjldoMay 19 2002 - 20:30

Theres still something to be said about the compressed warmth in the lows and natural harmonic tape distortion present in the high frequencies that digital sometimes cant compete with.

I guess were on a whole new realm of recording, see what happens.

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from kruppersMay 09 2002 - 12:38

Just beautiful. Can I come and work for you? Please. I'll try to not let my mid-life crisis get in the way and I'll bring my own shiraz...

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from chimpMay 08 2002 - 15:54

a pc is a tool for music as is a guitar or a drum, tweak it, bend it, stretch it you can get some amazing results, combine the old and the new. remember pc's dont have imagination.

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from Seth HowardMay 08 2002 - 15:10

Interesting stuff.

I always thought that the fidelity of The Forbidden EP was a big step up. Now I know why.

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from Rob sMay 08 2002 - 01:34

Yeah right Jeff, what do you know?
You think you're in IDAHO or something.... jeez.

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from Rob SMay 08 2002 - 01:33

RE: Jeff-Analog vs Digital? | from jeffMay 07 2002 - 09:51

much of 3 sheets was tracked to pro tools...and you can really hear how gritty the 16 bit digital sound with the stock digidesign converters was back then... on the forbidden ep we tracked to pro tools thru neve preamps and a pair of apoggee AD1000'S and this combo made a world of difference...but the most crucial part is bouncing it to tape right before you mix it.. bill has a great early 70's ampex 2in 16 track which has a wonderful deep sound, unlike an otari MTR 90 which was used for the 3 sheets analogue stuff. now with 24 bit, things sound a little less choked and i hear the 96K stuff is even more open sounding.... tracking to tape is great if you can afford it but unless the song is mixed pretty immediatly , the sound starts suffering from something called particle migration... you start losing quality...so i say track thru neve preamps if you are lucky enough to have them, a better set of converters if available and enjoy the creative freedon of pro tools...before you mix bounce to tape keeping protools in sync for those extra tracks... the tape is becoming more of a cool effect nowadays and helps glue everything together...and digital is sounding better and better..it still killls some of the magic in the sound but what you can do with pro tools is truly exciting

which do you prefer? | from Dave B.May 06 2002 - 23:59

Ive heard just about every album of Idahos, but I finally just stumbled to this site and board.

I know that Forbidden EP and everything after was digital, Three Sheets and before were analog tape.

Do you like the ease of digital recording, the affordability, the sound, ease of creation at home vs studio, etc?

Im a bit of a tapehead, but I recently got Pro Tools and Cubase to do some stuff at home as a scratchpad or further, if my skills are honed through time. It does seem really easy to manipulate things, though tracking is weird so far.

Anyways, always loved what you guys do, and Ill look for anything new (hopefully soon).

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