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this way out

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RE: this way out | from micahApr 16 2002 - 21:41

i have windows m.e. i didn't download anything to play the video, so i don't know what the problem is. it plays directly on the site automatically for me, and it looks like it uses windows media to do it.

RE: this way out | from hmm..Apr 15 2002 - 22:07

hey micah, what's you computer setup? i've never been able to view the "fuel" video on launch.yahoo.com ... i keep clicking the links to watch it, but nothing happens. is there some sort of special plug-in that you installed?

RE: this way out | from ashleyApr 15 2002 - 21:55

adam, jeff posted the video for "god's green earth" on this site many moons ago.

i think i have it archived somewhere in my files if interested..

RE: this way out | from micahApr 15 2002 - 21:00

yes adam, go to launch.yahoo.com, and search idaho. they have the fuel video available to play.

RE: this way out | from adamApr 15 2002 - 17:21

Speaking of the "Fuel" video.... is it available anywhere on the web? I've never seen an idaho video.

RE: this way out | from Rob sApr 15 2002 - 07:49

"This way out " was also the first
I D A H O record that I got into. I later bought "YAY" and "Palms" (obviously). A friend of mine loaned me 2 discs. 1 Sunny Day Real Estate's LP2 (pink one) and 2. "This way out". Today they are both still 2 of my fave albums (for completely different reasons). "Sweep" too, is one of my favorite songs ever.. it still makes me happy/sad every time I hear it. "TWA" is a great all round album.

RE: this way out | from nickApr 14 2002 - 21:47

Back in '94, I remember hearing Idaho for the first time at a Tower Records listening station in Phoenix. The album/cd was "This Way Out" and it instantly moved me. While I recall how solid the entire album was (and still is), "Sweep" did the trick, as it remains as one of most starkly beautiful and direct pieces I've ever heard, right up there with Mark Eitzel's (AMC days) "Will You Find Me?".

Being the "live" music fiend that I am, I caught them at a place called Gibson's in Tempe, AZ the same year, opening for Cranes. They surprisingly exceeded my high expectations (rare) with a transcendant performance that turned me into an Idaho junkie ever since.
As far as my subjective ranking of Idaho recordings, "This Way Out" has only been surpassed by "Three Sheets To the Wind".

RE: this way out | from RossApr 12 2002 - 10:47

Yeah, I totally hear that. It was 'This Way Out' that started it all for me. I remember - funny enough - during that same tour, with the Swans (I think it was) they played the Fuel video. Which blew me so far away. About a week later I saw the album at the store, and bought it simply on the merits of a video, I could scarcely remember and probably the single most beautiful album cover of all time. To this day I pull it out and am just stunned by how powerful that image is.

But yeah, the music mirrors the feeling of that cover. I played it for a few people, and was totally disappointed at how few really saw, or rather, heard what I heard. I remember a couple people saying it was too dark. People were into "lighter" bands - I remember Weezer was carving a bloody swath on the radio at the time.

More visceral, than I've ever found it dark, the music still haunts me to this day. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a huge fan, and unlike most musical outfits, IDAHO consistantly outdoes itself with every album. I mean, Levitate was, when it first came out, the only IDAHO album I could listen to. I can't name a poor song in the catalogue, but you put T.W.O. on and I'm singing along. I fucking love it. And, I dare you, play me a song more emotionally wrenching than 'Forever'.

That is just not fucking possible.

this way out | from adamApr 11 2002 - 13:03

Man, I just found this CD (thought I lost it last time I moved) and I have to say, this is one of my favourite Idaho records. Maybe it's a sentimental thing, as it was my introduction to the band purchased shortly after being unexpectedly blown away by the band when they opened up for the Cranes (Swans? I can't remember, long time ago..) in Detroit. What's the name of that song? "Time is running low, and crawling out of me....." Cool song. Anyone else a fan of this record? Seems to me I rarely here you folks talking about it. It's always Year After Year, or 3 sheets....

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