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Attn: Jeff, Dale, + John

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RE: Doh! - Portland/Seattle pics | from Seth HowardApr 18 2002 - 13:38

Well... I arrived home today to find the package back in my mailbox with a stamp indicating that the box is no longer active.

If someone from the Idaho camp could e-mail me with an updated address, I'll be happy to re-send it.

Attn: Jeff, Dale, + John | from Seth HowardApr 10 2002 - 18:10

I put my digital photos of the Seattle and Portland shows and the Seattle in-store on a Zip a while back to send to you, then promptly buried it under a pile of junk on my desk. Anyway, I unearthed it the other day and sent it off to the Idahomusic PO box address.

You should have it in the next few days. Everything is uncropped and untreated with any fancy image editing stuff (I don't have any), but hopefully you will find some use for a few of them.

If it's cool with you guys and there's a demand, I'll be happy to throw a few of them up on Webshots or some similar cheesy image hosting service, but I figured I should give you first crack at em'

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