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RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from ajApr 11 2002 - 10:18

so, how about a show at the glasshouse in pamona? or perhaps a show at ucr? jeff told me that he likes playing at universities... guaranteed $ and a potential to greatly increase your fan base out here... if you are interested, i could help. i'm finishing my PhD at ucr and i have met the youngsters that put on shows on campus via their university sponsored student club. they receive funding from the school. if you are interested, let me know (jorgensonandrew@hotmail.com).

RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from JBApr 11 2002 - 01:57

Hi AJ, I agree, I was disappointed with the turnout. The audience was great, just not enough people.
Thank you for treking out to L.A.
It's people like you who keep like IDAHO going.


RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from ajApr 10 2002 - 08:53

as i mentioned in my firts post, these questions were not a 'dig'. and yes, they are above average. sorry, but its true. i'm referring to the 'national average', not the southern california average. and i'm referring to the median, not the mean. i know what it costs to produce cd's -- i've released a few things in the past. i know thta t-shirts can totally vary in production costs. i also understand why you get a little edgy when people ask these kinds of questions. i, along with everyone else that SUPPORTS idaho, especially those that frequent this board, obviously don't really have a 'problem' with the prices. i bought one of the shirts the other night. and no, i disagree with you regarding the turnout. idaho is an amazing, talented band. considering the fact that they had not played out in LA for a few years, i was hoping that the 'fans' would come out. i'm sure that you are quite aware of the reputaion that LA has in the music community as being pretty terrible for shows unless you are the latest hipster band (no disrespect to hipsters). i'm just a middle-aged, washed out, post hipster that appreciates adaho's music. as with dale, sorry for my ramblings. i'm drinking coffeee, and its still pretty damn early for me. and with my previous post, come out and play a show in the inland empire!

RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from daleApr 10 2002 - 00:23

hi there, just a few things...(aj pay attention) the l.a. show was amazing if i do say so myself. a turnout of about 200 or something not bad for a sunday with other interesting shows (i.e. spiritualized brmc eels)to attend. now about our prices...our prices are determined by the price that it is manufactured for. t shirts are expensive the up charge for color is really what gets us. however it is in line with what i've seen other bands do it for. $15 for a cd yeah actually that's pretty good , it's $16.99 at some indie shops and $18.99 at virgin sure you can probably find it cheaper else where and when you do i suggest you buy it. i love a bargain!!!! we hear at idaho music are not getting rich off our fans we are trying to support our label
economically keep our heads above water which let me say is a clever balance which sometimes works sometimes... we just want idaho to finish the rare record and get it out there. sorry i seem to ramble when someone questions our prices we labor really heard over what we shouldcharge and why so it gets me going. thanks, dale

RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from jenApr 09 2002 - 18:46

this was my first time at a idaho show i love your voice jeff. i really wihed it was a bit longer but i enjoyed myself along with the cool video. thanx for letting me take a pic with u jeff

RE: a few thoughts about the show at derby | from toddApr 09 2002 - 15:32

aj-I've seen Idaho four times in my life(all in nyc)-brownies, knitting factory-twice, can't remember the fourth...and all have been great shows...but never a huge crowd...don't understand why....

random thoughts and questions | from ajApr 09 2002 - 08:59

well, after waiting for 4+ years i finally had the wonderful opportunity to see idaho live. they could not have picked a better venue in LA -- derby is a nice place (but their drinks are a bit expensive). real piano was played my friends, not the electronic stuff that is the norm at live shows. the sound was great. mr. idaho and his friends played very well. 2 brand new songs were shared with us. they seemed a bit disappointed in how well they played the first of the 2 but it sounded great to me (my wife thought so too). i appreciated the thoughtful mix of older and newer material. i am still trying to understand how someone can make a 4 string sound so damn good. the visual stuff was interesting (my wife found it a little distracting). the opening band really needs to practice more before playing out, and the jim yoshi folks were tight but seemed uninterested (ala 'shoegazer' style). i am amazed at how small the turnout was. this is the hometown, isn't it? man, LA is such a joke. the previous week i saw blackheart procession at the derby and the place was packed. blackheart is an amazing band, but mr. idaho and friends are too. i plead with you mr. idaho, play out in southern california more often. perhaps a show in pamona at the glass house for all us 'inland empire' fans...? i hope your voice is ok. i do have a question/comment (actually 2). 20$ for t-shirts?? 15$ for cd's?? granted, i own all your cd's and appreciate them very much, but just curious as to the above average markup for merchandise at a show. this isn't a 'dig' at all, just genuine questions. would it be possible for you guys to put an mp3 up of the last song you guys played before the voice problem occurred? damn, it was a great new version of an already great song. for those of you that live anywhere within 5-6 hours of LA and didn't have a death in the family or wedding to be in, shame on you for not attending. i've been around for many years, used to be a promoter (put on 100+ shows) and play music myself. this was by far one of the best live performances i have ever witnessed, period.

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