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RE: I missed it | from glowpusherApr 19 2002 - 11:37

elliot - at least I am sympathetic. I missed the tucson concert for a really stupid reason and I'm really bummed about it. sigh.

RE: I missed it | from adam in nycApr 09 2002 - 00:49

i followed love here three years ago and i haven't regretted it since. 4 year anniversary next month as a matter of fact. I didnt think i was going to like the city at all because i never even thought of visiting here and then that damned love thing happened. I spent the first two months in the apartment for fear of getting lost on the subways trying to find work but after a while of doing nothing (and all my savings slipping away into rent) i ventured out and got life in gear. And now i love it here. i would still like to try living in Europe for a while but thats a few years off. I must say that 2 of the things i miss about appleton though is 1. Peggy's restaurant on college ave in downtown and 2. the drive thru Jo-to-Go between wisc and college ave. They have the best snickers frap ever. Nothing like it in the world.

RE: I missed it | from ashApr 08 2002 - 13:34

sure, i know of new london... although, i can't help but think of appleton as a strange city... i like checkin' out the records at exclusive in the northland mall... i got the first CASTOR cd there two years after it went outta print and jeff garber or GEMM.COM couldn't even help me get a copy of it !!!

so how'd you end up in nyc ?

RE: I missed it | from adam in nycApr 08 2002 - 10:55

actually i grew up in New London WI, that is a town of all of 8000. everything we did growing up was in appleton and after high school thats where i moved before moving to a town of 8 mill. but i still love appleton. I go back as often as money allows. Nice people.

RE: I missed it | from ashApr 08 2002 - 06:22

i'm a wisconsinite as well who will actually be married in appleton in june... adam, are you an appleton native ??

RE: I missed it | from elliottApr 06 2002 - 10:21

thanks for your quick and courteous response

RE: I missed it | from adam in nycApr 05 2002 - 21:41

dear wisconsinite, Idaho actually has a page dedicated to listing future concerts, i knew about the NYC concert at least 6 weeks before they came plus Idaho does have a mailing list, I'm sure that since you posted your e-mail above, dale or john will add you to it. But it's always been listed under the tour dates section on the main page. don't hate me now. i come from Appleton and i know how impossible it was to see them, i had to wait 6 years, until i moved here. i think they even mentioned under one of these hundred topics that they'll be doing a small tour later this year to promote the new album so you may be in luck, and not have to wait 6 years. :)

Idaho concert | from elliottApr 05 2002 - 17:05

I missed an Idaho concert, and I kick myself in the side of the head every time I listen to levitate and then collapse into a comatose bliss. I live in milwaukee, you see, and didn't realize there was an Idaho concert taking place until two days after it. Needless to say i was pretty steamed. Perhaps I was just very un-observant, or something, but It would have been nice to have known about it. Perhaps if Idaho advertised their concerts more (if possible) or had a mailing list I could get on, this could be prevented.

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