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Im Sad :(

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RE: Im Sad | from willMar 26 2002 - 18:08

i'm rather fond of www.gemm.com

RE: Im Sad | from JKMar 26 2002 - 16:40

Check E Bay, some people on this board use it to get I D A H O stuff. Then again, youre in Holland, but Im sure someone wouldnt mind shipping it to you for a little extra.

Im Sad :( | from SpaceboyMar 26 2002 - 11:15


I ordered some Idaho Albums in January & 2day I got the message that they cant deliver them
I was really looking forward to these albums
Has anyone any idea where I can order them, I live in Holland
Im looking for Alas, 3 Sheets To The Wind & This Way Out
Thanks Alot

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