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RE: best album | from ashApr 04 2002 - 15:07

year after year.
raw berry/martin energy.
'nuf said...

RE: best album | from Math PuppyApr 04 2002 - 14:53

My favorite is the Forbidden EP - such a range of different song styles and Bass Crawl always makes me shudder it's so damn good.

RE: best album | from philApr 03 2002 - 19:14

three sheets to the wind
& Alas

RE: best album | from EdMar 29 2002 - 09:12

I just recently discovered the sound of Idaho myself. I find most bands lyrically shallow, and was so mesmerised with Idaho. My brother turned me on to them one night. I started with Year After Year. I just started on a search frenzy for all Of the CD's, and have accomplished the purchase of most. I can't say I like any one more or less than another. Each has a theme, so each song makes you want to hear the next. Discovering music such as Idaho's lets me know that there is some intelegent life left on the planet.


RE: best album | from KruppersMar 29 2002 - 00:36

Three Sheets to the Wind gets better every time I hear it. Hearts of Palm is really awesome (I never use that word but here it applies). The opening track, To Be The One, is just spine tingling. Also look out for The Sun Is All There Is. It's on the Shanti Project Album (Various Artists). It will make your day sing. The Forbidden EP too. But I also think you should start with Levitate and work back. It's a habit...

RE: best album | from michelMar 28 2002 - 14:19

me too likey all very much, but year after year stands up to its title still..
especially now there's a cd player in my car, o well car... (the engine is too loud to play the quiet stuff and actually hear it). I know: get some decent speakers, i'm saving up for a loaf of bread first if I may share details, after that some sigarets maybe, and then my girlfriend probably wants me to pay for a new toothbrush or something (I'd better stop now)
isn't life a wonderful experience..?

RE: best album | from RyanMar 28 2002 - 13:28

I like all of the albums but the one I listen to most is Alas.

RE: best album | from crwilson21Mar 27 2002 - 08:13

Start with the latest (Levitate) and go backwards chronologically from there. It's the way I usually listen to Idaho on my "I need music" days.

RE: best album | from eraserheadMar 26 2002 - 05:29

I can honestly say I do not have a favorite. They are all different and beautiful in their own way. Utopia?

RE: best album | from JKMar 25 2002 - 18:59

My advice to you, Amanda... buy every album by I D A H O , theyre all just plain great. I guess my personal favorite is Three Sheets To The Wind (1996?, Caroline Records). I could personally consider it a pinnacle, but then again, it depends on ones personal taste.

any comments | from amanda sueMar 25 2002 - 17:34

i have just "discovered* idaho...and i think they are an amazing band with incredible skill. i was just wondering what (in your opinion) is the best idaho album. thank you!***

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