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RE: video | from DaveJun 09 2000 - 10:44

This is random, but why did America
ever go NTSC/VHS? PAL is far
superior and most of the stuff is
widescreened. Why America?!?!? Oh
well, just one of my pet peeves I

idaho clips compiled | from Alan KyleJun 07 2000 - 08:15

Dear Jeff,
I know you are up to your ears in trying to finish the new record, but you once said to me that one day you hoped to compile all your Idaho video footage and promos onto one video that you hoped to sell through the web-site. I just wondered if this plan will come to fruition as I'm sure lots of fans would pay good money for such a great chance to see you guys perform live, if it proves too hard to see you in the flesh. Are you still planning on coming to Scotland later this year whilst on the subject?
By the way bear in mind that us backward Brits use a different video system to yours. You-NTSC, us-PAL I think. ALl the best, Alan.

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