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What's in a Name?

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RE: Why Idaho? | from jeffJul 21 2000 - 09:51

we had 24 hours to come up with a name because caroline had had enough of our waffling. mike coulter of the band lifter ( then iowa) suggested idaho.....we lept

RE: Why Idaho? | from dan setaMay 28 2000 - 18:22

If I had chosen the name I would have picked it because it has five letters and looks very nice set in type.

The true origin has something to do with an impending show, no name and another band on the impending bill with the name iowa,...or so I am told.

Jeff can elucidate.


What's in a Name? | from SarahMay 25 2000 - 14:22

How did you guy's come up with the name Idaho and what's the significance???

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