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RE: space | from DeanoFeb 20 2002 - 05:33

Check out Bright eyes for twisted broken love lament!!

RE: space | from JKFeb 19 2002 - 13:50

Check out the albums (Shiner) Splay and Lula Divinia for melodic dissonant rage (Kinda like Molly McGuire). Starless is far too digital sounding, and if it would have been analog, it could have been much better. Sitll, the best yet is Splay (1995), good luck in finding it. Its on DeSoto Recs.

RE: space | from Jeff B. Feb 17 2002 - 19:28

for some reason, I can't get into Shiner, I like what I've heard off the Egg, but starless didn't do anything for me. I saw them open for Hum a few years ago, and it didn't take for some reason. I will give them another shot, considering my band mates rave about them all the time!

RE: space | from JKFeb 17 2002 - 18:44

Ya the Molly drummer went off to a great band called Shiner, same area (KC), and on Lime, Alan Epley (Shiner) did some vocals on I think the one before the last, its the whispery one with a driving beat. Really, Jeff B, if you havent heard of shier yuet, Im positive youd love them. See ya.

RE: space | from Jeff B. Feb 16 2002 - 10:28

That Molly Mcguire record is amazing - Wish Number 1 is intense. Check out Gunfighter, it's basically molly with a new drummer - they rock as well.

RE: space | from JKFeb 16 2002 - 02:07

Dinosaur Jr or Swervedriver is always great to listen to when I reminice on loves past. For a more heavy, almost violent perspective on broken hearts, I suggest Molly McGuire "Lime". He seems so tortured, and in ways I can relate, but in other ways I almost sympathize in my male but motherly instinct way.

RE: space | from cFeb 15 2002 - 11:20

ehh.. stabbing westward?? they're about as dangerous and intense as creed (gag, retch...). i agree with chris - swans are the way to go and would make any of the above bands piss their pants. throbbing gristle works well too. cheers

RE: space | from michelFeb 15 2002 - 09:59

i've been through some shit such as described above (apart from the marriage bit) instead of wining along with easy going music, i'd rather create a temporary 'fuck it' mentality about it playing more aggressive songs at some 120 db for getting it out of my system, goes very well for me you ought to try it. so scream along with one of these babies while idiotically running around your rooms: 1.stabbing westward - i don't believe. 2.Prong - broken pieces. and 3.(my all emotions favorite)Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
good luck to you anyways

RE: space | from chrisFeb 15 2002 - 08:35

good call ash - i love that record too - "solaris" and "heliotropic" especially. and while we're at it, ON's (a/k/a ken andrews) "shifting skin" is fantastic as well.

RE: space | from ashFeb 15 2002 - 08:04

i prefer "the nurse who loved me" by FAILURE. find it on their 1996 release 'fantastic planet'. ...then, to feel even better, listen to "stuck on you" ...same record, two tracks later...

RE: space | from eraserheadFeb 15 2002 - 07:01

I advise listening to a heavy dose of some afghan whigs. Preferably Gentleman or Congregation.

RE: space | from chrisFeb 15 2002 - 05:27

i agree susan, but even more so the song "one of those sometimes is now" from K.O.D.'s last record "cowboys and aliens". and of course - SWANS. their first four records along with the live "public castration is a good idea" are total bloodletting catharsis.

Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in... | from susan331Feb 14 2002 - 12:18

Kitchens of Distinction's 'Love Is Hell' is a record made for breakups.If you can get past the homoerotic images on the front cover you'll find the ideal soundtrack for
heartbreak-related wallowings. So take two of these and call me in the morning...er, early afternoon.

RE: space | from eraserheadFeb 14 2002 - 05:39

Male bonding at it's finest.

RE: space | from JKFeb 13 2002 - 21:28

I was 21 geez back in 92, and out of the blue when I was at WORK my 21 year old girlfriend of 4 years called on the phone and said the old "I dont think we should see each other anymore" bit. I cried on the phone while still talking to her, attempting to reconsile. Quite embarrasing, considering i was at WORK when she did this. After some talking, I asked her if we could be friends, she actually said no and hung up. Needless to say, I took the rest of the day off, threw up and cried all day, and promised myself Id never fall in love again. Its worked so far. By the way, Happy Valentines Day to all you fools that think youre in love. Its a Hallmark Holiday anyways, geared to generate income for companies involved in lame Valentines products, so go ahead and buy into it, you poor suckers...

RE: space | from micahFeb 13 2002 - 17:28

Chris and Jeff B., thank you for your sympathy. Jeff, i've been feeling nauseous ever since it happened, so i know what you mean. Mustafa, i agree with your thoughts on the human element. i think she's either just afraid or she's been lying to me all this time about being in love with me. either way, unless she has a big change inside, i guess it's over and i don't know what to do. i can't trust a female again either.

RE: space | from Jeff B. Feb 13 2002 - 15:55

feel free to add me to your prayer list, as I will you.

RE: space | from Jeff B. Feb 13 2002 - 15:53

You are not alone Micah or Chris. My girlfriend left a note on the kitchen counter on 12/10 when I wasn't home, saying she had given it a lot of thought, and she has decided that she didn't want to marry me and that the relationship was over. After throwing up several times, I looked around the apartment and half her stuff was gone. She said in the note that she didn't want me to call, email or stop by her work, and that she'd appreciate it if I wasn't there the coming sunday so she could get the rest of her stuff. 2 1/2 years - still no explanation. Does the pain go away? I don't know. I hope so, for all of us.

RE: space | from edFeb 13 2002 - 13:27

God's will, that is the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

RE: space | from hank williamsFeb 13 2002 - 07:13

I want to have sex with god. Then dump her ass. "Eat that, God, you bitch", I'll scream !!!!!

space vs. "god's will" | from mustafaFeb 13 2002 - 06:56

i think that many people use the blanket statement of "...god's will..." to cover their own insecurities and give them reason to shy away from any sort of
commitment and CHANGE. how does one attempt to define "god's will"? i would venture so far as to say that there is a strong "human" element in ones
defining and interpreting "god's will", and because of that "human" element, it is truly difficult to discern what exactly "god's will" might be.
in my experiences, i have found that "god's will" is a one-way street when it comes to relationships, and turns into fuel for the fire of manipulation.
"god's will" is a tricky subject, and my final words to you are this: this situation is a preview of what you could most likely expect in the future. it might
benefit you to evaluate your relationship and get things right between you and god. then, and only then, will you be able to think about a lifetime with another person. i speak from experience.
my thoughts and prayers are with you.

RE: space | from adamFeb 13 2002 - 06:09

Women can be fickle beings. Read "I don't hink it's gods will" as "I wanna fuck other people".

RE: space | from chrisFeb 13 2002 - 05:50

a very similar thing happened to me about 6 months ago - she freaked and left completely out of the blue. this wasn't my first failed relationship but it was the most serious. i'm still reeling and i don;t know if i'll ever again trust another female. so micah i can't tell you anything that would make you feel better except that i do feel your pain. just take care of yourself first and foremost.

give me space | from micahFeb 12 2002 - 23:50

my girlfriend, with whom i have
discussed marriage and children,
is not sure if it's God's Will that
we end up together. so could you
folks that believe say a prayer for
me? or several prayers? i would
much appreciate it.

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