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RE: Hearts of Palm | from danMay 24 2000 - 21:44

More absolutely weird noises from the guitars. Often very hard to tell that they are guitars at all. Slide guitar in a pedal steel vein. Many goodies.

RE: Hearts of Palm | from jeffMay 24 2000 - 10:47

its not a big transgression from the older stuff. its still very 4 string guitar based. theres not as much piano as i had said there would be a year ago.....the next one may go that route however. there some great ambient endings to the songs. theres a real soulful dark, pop song in the beginning that might surprise.

RE: Hearts of Palm | from RobMay 19 2000 - 07:10

Hey Jeff & Dan,
I like the album title "Hearts of palm" and I too like the artwork (If the palm photo is going to be the artwork).I am also very curious to know what expect from the newy

Brand New-bian | from DaveMay 18 2000 - 21:05

Hi Jeff! I remember either in an
e-mail or somewhere on this message
board you said that the new album
was completely "taking off in its
own direction." That just got me
thinking (oh so laborious!)- how
will this new album sound in
comparison to "Alas" or other Idaho
releases? More refined? Less?
More feedback? More piano? Just


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