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Losing Light

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RE: Idaho sounds | from KiniMay 18 2000 - 17:25

That Dan is so tricky. And cute

RE: Idaho sounds | from jeffMay 18 2000 - 17:05

its guitar feed back/wammy bar sustain shit happening in the next room...either while a played or while playing it back through the monitors dan raised and lowered a cup over the akg c-24 stereo mic. i believe dan will remember more details.....

Losing Light | from DaveMay 18 2000 - 12:51

Hi Jeff! I was just curious, how
did you get those sounds at the
end of Losing Light? It sounds
like some more feedback tomfoolery,
but it also sounds like maybe
something else was going on with
the recording equipment.

Please let us know! Thanks!

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