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fall 2000 tour

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RE: new videos for this site | from jeffDec 29 2001 - 15:54

this is the dec. 2000 paris show.....at first we are playing the end of "hearts of palm" and then its just me playing "apricots to armagnac"

RE: new videos for this site | from Jeff B. Dec 29 2001 - 14:26

Thanks Uncle Trev, worked like a charm.
Just one question, what was the song Jeff was playing at the very end of movie #2?

RE: new videos for this site | from UncletrevDec 28 2001 - 13:52

Sometimes when I download other stuff off the net, not just videos, the Quicktime symbol pops up in the middle of a new window. I don't know why...

The way to get round this is to click the back button on the browser, and right click on the required link. Choose "Save target as", and then a new box should show up asking you where to save the file to. It then should download in the time honoured fashion.

Hope this helps (and if it doesn't sorry - I'm not that much of a technofreak)


RE: new videos for this site | from idahomusicDec 28 2001 - 13:23

you have to have a higher version than quicktime 3 ....when you start the downloading the quicktime icon will show up and then turn into a movie eventually....i know its worked for other people so its got to be something screwy on your end....wish i could help more...maybe someone who knows more about this stuff will post something

RE: new videos for this site | from Jeff B.Dec 28 2001 - 12:42

I have a cable modem but for some reason, the movies won't open, I just get the quicktime icon.
What is up wit dat?

RE: new videos for this site | from DaveDec 27 2001 - 22:17

Jeff - I enjoyed the movies. Thank
you very muches!

fall 2000 tour | from jeffDec 27 2001 - 16:03

i put 2 new quicktime movies up of our hearts of palm tour of fall 2000..those of you with fast connections wont cringe at the size of the files....smaller versions will go up within a few days....

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