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IDAHO at No Life

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RE: Jeff ........behind the rack | from DavidDec 10 2001 - 17:07

I was at the No Life show...It was a truly amazing experience!!! Pretty cool record store, too...

RE: Jeff ........behind the rack | from michelDec 10 2001 - 08:06

no, i'm not much of a poet, besides i had a lousy weekend, and i always remember to add my name.

RE: Jeff ........behind the rack | from DeanoDec 10 2001 - 01:57

Bloody hell: Michel?? Is that you again??

RE: Jeff ........behind the rack | from /Dec 09 2001 - 09:09

depending on what element of the
Earth you are inclined....
is it the air or is it the water?
the blue or the red?
japan or china ?
japa or karma?
persian or sumerian?
astrida or kavita?
void or crat[air]?
just (the days) or between (days)?
tender or tinder?
craft or sullen?
alive or alone?
mist and shover/ my soul/
sprinkling of the ocean side /or
breathe/left the ground/levitate.....
internally/eternally i can't swim
but (for be honest) cant'
fly either. As well.

ps: drunk.

IDAHO at No Life | from J. PaulDec 07 2001 - 16:32

hey, everybody i was just curious if there was anyone else besides me that saw IDAHO play at No Life Records years back. it has been a long time since that show, they were promoting the "three sheets to the wind" c.d. release. i have seen IDAHO three times live the first time at LUNA PARK, and one other time at the Troubadour. these as everyone knows are much bigger venues, but the they never will compare to that show in the back of that little record store.
they moved a couple of racks aside
, they set up in this tiny little spot, and did what they do best. it was so cramped in there, people were just standing in between the racks, i even saw a guy looking through the c.d.'s while they were playing, it was the weirdest feeling. it was like one of those really bad MTV videos where the band is in one of those supposedly strange settings like a gas station out in the middle of nowhere, or a fancy men's restroom, or something stupid like that. so there playing along and everyone is walking past them, stepping on there equipment, bumping in to them, you know just not giving a shit. and i guess the initial reaction that they are going for is "whoa! man that's(so and so) they're playing and nobody cares, that's insane dude!". fuck that, i was looking at that guy and thinking what the hell is wrong with you, that's Jeff Martin standing less than three away from you you idiot!. but oh well did not want to waste to much time thinking about it. it was so great, you had the option of pushing your way to the front, i mean you were right in front of him, there was no stage, imagine that.or if you were getting to hot you could just stand by the door which was only about ten feet away and still get a great view. sad to say i did have one bad experience. i noticed late in the show that they were giving away a free three sheets t-shirt with every c.d. purchase. i immediately went to my sister to borrow the money, she gladly handed over the funds but just as i was going to purchase the album my idiot brother-in-law said he also wanted one. well, we both asked for the album and then the guy behind the counter revealed to us that it was the last t-shirt. i was in a bind, do i greedily grab it from him, turn to my sister and say "MINE MINE, ALL MINE I TELL YOU , MIIIIIINE!".
or do i let her have it being that i would not have even had a chance if it were not for her graciously lending me the money.............
what do you think? she's my sister man. oh well.

but i would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a "three sheets" t-shirt Jeff, pleeeease!.
i paid my money jeff, please let me have a shirt.

well anyways that's all i had to say, IDAHO+NoLife=wonderful show.

thanks guys

sorry about the big topic

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