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LEVITATE best Idaho lp ?

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RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from Rob SJan 15 2002 - 07:17

Well put JK.
"The Forbidden" marks the beginning of the digital I D A H O revolution. Each recording there after, is a great progression. I think that ALAS and LEVITATE are the best of them, as they have a great deal of atmosphere, both in the recording and the tunes.

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from JKJan 14 2002 - 22:07

I think another reason Levitate sounds like Alas and even Hearts of Palm is because of the fact that (1)Jeffs evolution into Pro Tools and digital recording equipment, and (2) Jeff and Cos. freedom to express themselves more freely by owning thier own studio. If you notice earlier albums, in fact, anything earlier than Forbidden Ep, they all have thier own similar qualities, but yet dissimilar to anything including and after Forbidden. All of those earlier ones were recorded on multitrack analog equipment, and analog machines sound distinctly different from digital. Even if you track to analog and mix to a dat, you still pick up the nuances of the original analog multitrack. In finishing, I must say, my friends, its all an evolution, and I love the new direction I D A H O is going!

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from JoeJan 14 2002 - 14:16

A word of advice: don't listen to this album at work! I finally ordered a copy and had it shipped to my work address and couldn't stand waiting to hear what it sounded like so I slipped it in the Mac's CD drive and of course I've been driven near tears about 50 times by some of the melodies and the creaking in Jeff's voice. Just waiting for someone to walk in my office and go "Say, Joe...Whoa! What's wrong man?!"

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from edNov 30 2001 - 06:41

I get the same feeling from alas as I do levitate. Spooky, beautiful.

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from RossNov 29 2001 - 06:25

Music is not something that be quantified. Generally, because the desired result is an emotional response. Peaches and nectarines resemble one another, but don't really taste alike. Comparing songs is something, well, especially in the case of IDAHO, that you can't really do on paper, it kind of has to happen somewhere softer. Greg is just saying how it is for him. I mean, I'm not going to lie to you, I kind of share his feelings for Levitate. It's a beautiful album. He's just putting it out there for Jeff and gang. Something that this music seems to do more than any other.

I've been into bands since I was a kid, but I never really had much need to go out a be all expressive about it and shit. IDAHO draws these kinds of responses from listeners, like Greg, myself and the rest of us who are clogging up Jeff's server.

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from Rob sNov 29 2001 - 03:45

Darn tootin' Eraserhead

RE: LEVITATE best lp? | from eraserheadNov 28 2001 - 09:08

I think Levitate is closely related to Alas. Scrawny and Orange same vibe.

LEVITATE best Idaho lp ? | from gregNov 28 2001 - 00:52

hi everyone and IDAHOfan here's a copy of a mail i sent today to the band for your opinion if you like:

hello to everyone in IDAHO,

and let me first regret the french tour cancelling,
i would have liked to hear the new lp on stage,
by the way some words about "levitate"lp for you:
truly one of the best or the best Idaho record
it's difficult to say for me (cause i like allyour records except maybe "alas" i have to listen again)
but for now some songs of "Levitate" are turning and turning in my head all the time,such wonders like
"orange" or "santa claus is weird",the two parts of
"levitate" andof course the first track "wondering the
fields" and 2 others are my favourites songs of this very mature and sophisticated lp, there are such beautiful ballads and calm/or not songs that it seems
IDAHO has still climbed one more step to the musical
"pantheon" or rock history, and i m very proud to listen this music tht's not as sad as some rock critic
says because there is a difference between a serene melancholy they have now (since "forbidden ep" maybe?),
and the real sadness of a Leonard Cohen song (that is as good)or an old good sad song of Idaho such as "the
only road" or creep", so let's celebrate the IDAHO 2001
and wish you the best success and to go on with the same feeling for the future ,long live IDAHO !!!

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