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RE: 5 best records 2001? | from ponyus 8()^Jun 19 2002 - 12:48

3.rated R-qotsa
5.moldy peaches-??????

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from AustinJun 17 2002 - 07:57

Hmm: what's the geoff farina stuff like?? Karate had some promise but I've sorta lost touch.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from piker samJun 16 2002 - 09:42

in no particular order:

1. Low - Things We Lost in the Fire

2. Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die...

3. Red House Painters - Old Ramon

4. Geoff Farina - Reverse Eclipse

5. Idaho - Levitate

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from johnnystuffJun 12 2002 - 18:35

top 5 reasons to wake up,
1.quaker 100% natural,
2.cartoons, samurai jack, invader zim 3. go back to sleep 4. listen to music 5. record funny new answering machine message.
top records of 2001/02
joy division "heart and soul boxset" idaho "levitate" pete yorn"etremly guilty plesure the most catchy songs since jefferson airplanes " webuilt this city on rock and roll" album leaf ' an orchestrated rise to fall; the czars beautiful vs. ugly. go back to sleep.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from christianApr 29 2002 - 12:02

am i the only one here who is blown away by soulwhirlingsomewhere's "please sennd help"??? there's gotta be someone else...

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from kennyApr 29 2002 - 09:15

ok this is a bit late, however-
in no paticular order-
gold-ryan adams, pernice brothers-world won't end, rufus wainwright-poses,bonnie'prince'billy-ease on down the road, ian bostridge-schubert lieder vol.2

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from brianApr 26 2002 - 15:04

#1 mercury rev- all is dream
#2 Bjork - vespertine
#3 Idaho - levitate
#4 god speed you black emperor - lift your skinny fist.... TIED
lift to experience - the TEXAS JERUSALEM crossroads
#5 sparklehorse - its a wonderfull life TIED
depeche mode - exciter

HEY ERASEREHEAD! | from Mike MyersApr 23 2002 - 19:25

Hey Eraserhead

Not that I think you're incapable of finding info on your own. But here are a couple links for the info on low+dirty three collaboration.



have a good one.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from justinApr 23 2002 - 18:11

RHP-old ramon
pinback-blue screen life
American Analog Set-know by heart
Tristeza-dreaming in full circles?

yup, seems tough to decide

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from michael plasterApr 22 2002 - 20:14

1. Levitate , and im not just saying that 'cause im on this list
2. aphex twin : drukqs
3. Travis: THe Invisible Band
4. Grant Lee Phillips : Mobilize

okay i've been sitting looking at this screen now for 10 minutes and am horrified to realize that there wasnt much great music last year. thank God levitiate makes up for the lack...
oh and, Christian, thanks for listing one of mine - "Please Sennd Help". Ee-Gad i'm on somebody's top 5. who woulda thunk it?!?!?

- michael

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from eraserheadApr 21 2002 - 23:21

Is that Low with Dirty Three? Interesting combo.

5 best records 2001? | from Mike MyersApr 21 2002 - 17:59

Low+Dirty Three- In the Fishtank (cover of Neil Young's 'Down by the River' maybe the best cover I've ever heard)
The New Year- Newness Ends
Aphex Twin- Drukqs
Unwound- Leaves Turn Inside You
Mouse on Mars- Idiology
The Shipping News- Very Soon, and in Pleasant Company.

Nothing has completely knocked me on my ass since Radiohead Kid A or The Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin. I hope that changes this year....

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from fred -BELGIUMApr 19 2002 - 12:57

hallo niemand zal dit kunnen lezen hé ,maarja de belgen mischien wel !! CAN anyone read this ? ik ben ne grote fan van idaho maar ik ken er nie zo veel van ... tja ..... BYE aan al de losers

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from ashley bergApr 17 2002 - 15:36

my top 5 most "grossly, under-rated" yet "compelling" releases of 2001 (IMHO, and in no particular order, of course):

1. "Elm Street" - Lanterna (http://www.badmanrecordingco.com/html/audio_releases/cd_elm_street.html)

2. "Levitate" - I D A H O (nuf said)

3. "6-Song Demo CD" - Autolux (not a formal release but definately noteworthy... from LA (ex-Failure - www.autolux.net & .org).. you've been forewarned..

4. "Head Like A Road Map" - Houston (www.onesimpleband.com)

5. "Madre De Dios" - Dozer (http://home.swipnet.se/~w-15440/dozer/)

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Atif the invisible. Apr 17 2002 - 05:57

1.Dominique A "Augury"
2.Mogwai "Rock action"
3.Tindersticks "Can our love..."
4.Yann tiersen "L'absente"
5.Red house painters "Old ramon"

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from adamMar 11 2002 - 20:56

Micah....... you gott be kidding me. A list featuring both New Year AND Our Lady Peace?!!!! That is fanfuckingtastic!!!!!!!!!! Ultra-hillar, OLP is hella lame!!!!!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from ajMar 11 2002 - 00:28

in no particular order...

the new idaho record (beautiful piano and bass...)

the new fugazi record (the masters, and the ep was a nice addition too)

the mogwai tour cd (everything they do is groundbreaking)

new pinback record (love em and blackheart, but damn i miss 3 mile pilot!!)

HIM (newest one, can't remember the name, but they are all really good)

newest juno record (actually better than their last one -- these guys just rock)

new shellac record (based on first track by itself!)

the best of ride (i am still depressed over the fact that i will never see this band live...)

maya shore debut record (the best band that you probably have never heard because they haven't toured too much-- on music fellowship record label)

the new unwound record (track one could be the best song they have ever written...)

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from bhMar 09 2002 - 12:57

in no order:
bright eyes(fever and mirrors0
low(thing we lost in the fire0
pinback(blue screen life)

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKJan 19 2002 - 23:09

Wont happen.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from MicahJan 19 2002 - 21:07

creeper lagoon-take back the
universe & gimme yesterday

kings of convenience-quiet is the
new loud

our lady peace-spiritual machines

new year-newness ends

mojave 3-excuses for travellers
(2000, but i bought it in '01 so
why not)

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Ich bin ein hosenfefferJan 13 2002 - 22:02

I'd like to announce a new motion to ban any further comments from JK, and restrict any future comments from rabble-rousers like him. All in favour?

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKJan 13 2002 - 20:11

Seems like we dont have any restrictions as to how many bands we could possibly list, since we live in a Democracy. God Bless America and its effects on the Idaho message board!!!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from edJan 12 2002 - 22:22

oh, it's now ten best.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from spudboyJan 12 2002 - 03:33

my 10 best for 2001 (particular order no in):

the shins- oh inverted world

the minders- golden street

the strokes- is this it (cram you if ya don't like it!!)

people under the stairs- question in the form of an answer (hip hop (check it out if your a fan of old school/underground)

new pornographers- mass romantic

the shins- when i goose step/the gloating sun 7"

queens of the stone age- R (or X if you got the vinyl)

love as laughter- shit i can't think of what it's called

okay that's only eight, but . . . anything from IDAHO.

speaking of which, i just got my ticket to see IDAHO at Cafe Du Nord in S.F. if i get the chance to meet jeff, i will most certainly be reprimanding him for having CDs and 7" in the discography THAT A COMPLETIST LIKE ME DOESN'T HAVE!! AND I MUST!!
Just recently got the Bayonet 10" from the man himself. i friggin' love it. so i guess that will be my final entry and since i just got it, it seems like a new release to me.

IDAHO- Bayonet ep

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from adamJan 09 2002 - 08:26

I tend to agree with Troy.
Although I've never found Godspeed even
remotely compelling either, so there you go. I do like what I've heard from the Rachels (which is ver little).
Anyone heard of the new pornagraphers? Pretty cool stuff....

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from troy greerJan 09 2002 - 00:14

hey moron i have and thought they were boring as hell. they havn't done anything that hasn't allready been done by God speed. or the rachels

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from MoronJan 08 2002 - 21:52

Hey Troy Gree,
Sigur Rios is overhyped....
you should check out Sigur Ros.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from troy greeJan 08 2002 - 21:44

1.owls - self titled
2. the dismemberment plan - change
3.hey mercedes - everynight fireworks
4. spoon - girls can tell
5. red house painters - old ramon

overhyped/ big let downs
the strokes- is this it
siver jews - (new one)
dcfc - photo album
sigur rios - (new one)

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from alan kyleJan 05 2002 - 18:45

oh fuck i forgot josh rouse and papa m and the silver jews. i'm a bit Scottish, so i'm still a bit pissed

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from alan kyleJan 05 2002 - 18:45

oh fuck i forgot josh rouse and papa m and the silver jews. i'm a bit Scottish, so i'm still a bit pissed

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from novaJan 02 2002 - 19:34

The five cd's of the year that made my knee's weak!
pete yorn
sigor ros

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from just daveJan 02 2002 - 13:57

the court and spark - bless you (also in my best ever list!)
the shins - oh inverted world
low - things we lost in the fire
richard buckner - the hill
kings of convenience - quiet is the new loud
built to spill - ancient melodies
death cab for cutie - the photo album
whiskeytown- pneumonia
red house painters - old ramon
matt pond PA - i thought you were sleeping
mark kozelek - rock and roll singer

jenny toomey - antidote, idaho - levitate, sparklehorse - it's a wonderful
life, gillian welch - time, ida - the braille night, k - new problems, low -
in the fishtank, the new year - newness ends

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKDec 31 2001 - 13:21

Yeah, Mark Linkus is quite brilliant (Sparklehorse), did you know he O.D.d on anti-depressants just before the release of Good Morning Spider? He could barely walk and talk for awhile, then when his voice came back, he played quite a few shows in a wheelchair. I'm pretty sure he's OK now. I love his first one, Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot. Quite a tearjerker. The best lyrics on it are... "We were both standing in your mothers living room, sweating up a storm in that terrible month of June, and the sweat rolled down your cheek and into your mouth, I knew that this must have been a dream cause your mother would never let me in her house. You are the most beautiful widow in town. (verse 2). Many years later in the glassy month of December, I stood with my hands in my pockets tryin to avoid, a shiny wedding portrait hangin on that old woman's wall, cause I knew youd be wearin a smile that be to painful to look upon. You are the most beautiful widow in town." OR THESE..." She laid her head on my chest, as the sun burned down the west, theres still one thing we still got, its one last dance in this parking lot, I got a heart of darkness, then she woke up to a fire, and the flames kept dancin higher, Satan would laugh at her screams, then she woke up from her dreams, oh yeah I got a heart of darkness."

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from ChrisDec 31 2001 - 00:23

Being out of work most of the year, I haven't been able to buy a lot of new releases...

In no particular order

Low Things We Lost in the Fire

just a great album, they seem to be getting better and better musically.

Luke Haines The Oliver Twist Manifesto

The man behind The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof, and Black Box Recorder releases another gem. Hasn't been released domesticly and probably never will. "Discomania" is so catchy, it could be played on radio if there was any justice in the world.

Momus Folktronic

In a hundred years from now, when scholars study our music, I believe Nick Currie will get a few paragraphs.

Destroyer Streethawk: A Seduction

Just buy it.
(Disclaimer: If you absolutely hate Robyn Hitchcock's voice, don't. Daniel Bejar sounds a little nasal - I mean similar)

Sparklehorse It's A Wonderful Life

A few clunkers but the good tracks more than make up for it. Just a great sounding record. Beautifully produced with interesting arrangements and instramentation. Listening to this record reminds me why I love music so much.

I am going to commit heresy here and share with the Idaho community my reasons for omitting Levitate.
Let me begin by stating that I believe Jeff to have produced a sufficient body of songs to merit the term genius. Although the album is good and explores much new ground, I am a little concerned about Jeff's complete indifference to selling records. There is nothing on the album which could ever be played on a commercial radio station. Maybe Jeff is content with that. If he has no ambition to sell records, that is his choice. As a selfish fan however, I want to see Idaho enjoy enough success that Jeff can continue to make records for years to come. I guess another way of putting it is that if I wanted to turn someone on to Idaho, I wouldn't play Levitate for them.
That said, I am a loyal fan and I will continue to buy every release that they put out.
Also, I think that we should all pause and give thanks to Jeff and Co. for making the CD available to fans before the release date. There are very few artists out there that devote that kind of time and consideration to fans.
I received not one, but two calls to make sure I got my copy when the mail got all messed up during the 9/11 disaster. That is pretty good customer service for my $15.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from D...Dec 28 2001 - 14:05

Hmmm.. Best five records:

1) Bright Eyes "Fevers and Mirrors" (Saddle Creek)

2) Clairvoyants "Your New Boundaries" (Badman/WishingTree)

3) Jr Corduroy "Slo Fi" (Good To Burn)

4) Rebecca Gates "Ruby Series" (Badman)

5) Spoon "Girls Can Tell" (Merge)


RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Seth HowardDec 28 2001 - 02:16

Yes. Rebecca Gates was in The Spinanes. Her solo album "Ruby Series" came out on the Badman label earlier this year. If you like the mellower moments on "Arches and Aisles", you'll probably dig it.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKDec 27 2001 - 01:59

Is Rebecca Gates from The Spinanes, cause thats another good band that went under. She lives in Chicago, (The Spinanes Rebecca), but she started it in Seattle, they were on SubPop in the mid 90s. Check out the album STRAND, chocked full of real emotion and feel, as well as great musicianship. I just cant figure out if thats her. Eeh, oh well.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Seth HowardDec 27 2001 - 01:08

Cool Alan. I really like that Rebecca Gates album. She put on an awesome show here in Seattle.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from ECS.Dec 26 2001 - 15:06

The Faint - Danse Macabre

Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors

Your Precious You - Test Pattern

Hayden - Skyscrape... er... National Park


RE: 5 best records 2001? | from chris kennedyDec 25 2001 - 08:27

I'll second the New Order choice. Just found it used and thought, "What the hell." Maybe the best "reunion" record of all time. I'm also warming up to Tindersticks' can our love..., though not a top five choice; maybe top ten or fifteen.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKDec 25 2001 - 06:53

OK Alan, thats more than 5, but damn good choices I must say.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from alan kyleDec 25 2001 - 06:13

I forgot to mention the tremendous Rebecca Gates, Whiskeytown, Bonnie Prince Billy,REM, Hem, Howie Beck, Sparklehorse, PJ Harvey.
I should be shot for forgetting these gems!!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from alan kyleDec 25 2001 - 06:06

1. IDAHO-levitate
2. MARK EITZEL- the invisible man
3. LOW- things we lost in the fire
4. THE CZARS- the ugly people...
5. KEVIN TIHISTA'S RED TERROR- don't breathe a word.
Seth you've great taste by the way!Hello Dale! what's yours and John's then?

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from alan kyleDec 25 2001 - 06:06

1. IDAHO-levitate
2. MARK EITZEL- the invisible man
3. LOW- things we lost in the fire
4. THE CZARS- the ugly people...
5. KEVIN TIHISTA'S RED TERROR- don't breathe a word.
Seth you've great taste by the way!Hello Dale! what's yours and John's then?

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from MichelDec 24 2001 - 08:40

departure lounge - jetlag dreams

mercury rev - all is dream

lilac time - the compendium: the fontana trinity (45 songs!!), also Lilac6

tortoise - standards

arab strap - the read thread

btw American Analog Set is something to look for too (album Know by heart, yummy) Great stuff.
Merry Christmas etc. Michel

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from jerDec 24 2001 - 02:29

good albums in 2001? kind of a sad year for music, but a few gems out there- - (in no particular order...)
NEW ORDER-get ready (listen to it 3 times,, then you will like it)
VAPORTRAIL- the angel has landed (a shoegazery/red house painters-ish band from san francisco)
COLDPLAY- parachutes- maybe it came out at the end of last year, but i don't care
LOW- things we lost in the fire- AWESOME.

i guess there was more, but most bands just put out mediocre reruns of their old albums--

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from eraserheadDec 23 2001 - 21:29

trev, you got some great taste.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from trevDec 23 2001 - 20:35

Other than Levitate, and off the top of my head:

1) Newness Ends- The New Year. Bedhead was one of favorite bands- anyone on this board should try to listen to a copy of their last album, Transaction De Novo. New Year is much peppier, but in a good way.

2) Rock Action- Mogwai. Bought Young Team, liked it a lot, but then saw them reproduce the album perfectly live, and stopped liking it. Ignored all subsequent releases until I heard Rock Action at a friend's place. Loved it, bought it, won't go see them live anymore.

3) Leaves Turn Inside You- Unwound. A big departure for one of the northwest's best bands but sounds great.

4) Photo Album- Death Cab For Cutie. Can someone explain the name of this to me? Not that it matters- DCFC gets better with every record.

5) Scar- Joe Henry. Ornette Coleman and Marc Ribot on the same album. I thought I was the only person with suck vision.

Guilty Pleasure- The Faint, Danse Macabre. I feel bad, but every time I hear this gene splice between Gary Numan (who rules) and Dead Or Alive, I am forced to get up and shake my ass around the room. I'm going to be sorry I posted this because a) I am so sick of this 80's revival, and b) these guys are going to be huge. In the impending deluge that is inevitable, I'm sure I will be so sick of them that I will have wished I had never heard the record. But for now I'm dancing like a fool.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKDec 19 2001 - 20:39

I take one thing back....I said I had'nt heard anything interesting this year, but i have to give it to The Doves.....a few really great songs.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from JKDec 19 2001 - 20:35

The only thing Ive heard that was interesting, considering I havent yet heard Idaho's newest, was a group called Illyah Kuryahkin. Is a pseudonym that represents a charachter on a Russian spy program aired in the Ukraine. Anyways, the guy, who does the music himself, is a brilliant poet and musician, as well as recently obtaining his Phd in French. Its erie and mystical much like Idaho, and the vocals are whispery, with many modulations and changes. The label is called Arena Rock Recording Company, which is obviously a joke, cause its quite underground (though Harvey Danger and Super (something) started there). Man, Im serious, if you live in a big town, go to the best underground record store and get Illyah Kuryahkin 30cabminute or his lo fi older stuff CountNoCount. BLOW YER MIND!!!!! ( no, I dont work for them, so dont try to say that, its just my opinion). Oh, I havent yet heard anything good this year, which is sad, too many independent labels either bought up or folding due to mass media. Oh yeah, poor Matador Recs. great till 95, when Capitol bought them up and basterdized it to shreads. Too many great artists left, Stereolab, Bailter Space, Gawd, ruined!!!!!!!!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Brad HaywoodDec 14 2001 - 14:59

I'm changing mine.

Idaho is now #3. A solid #3 though, right behind Pernice Brothers and White Stripes.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from heffeDec 14 2001 - 10:34

for lists of course now MINE LISTINGS!

7) broadway mule of DISCO time

3) JEmm and miguel open our HEARt doors

100) sushi Beatles, or the French drag guy , You MAKE MY CHOICE!

10) 7)

Entered with every of your music!!!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from mathieuDec 14 2001 - 05:55

1:Joe Henry:Scar
2:Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions:bevarian fruit bread

3:Red House Painters:Old Ramon
4:Mark Eitzel:invisible man
5:Lift To experience:the texas jerusalem crossroads(cd1)

Others are Mark Kozelek "what's next to the moon" Mark Lanegan "field songs" and others...
Idaho doesn't count anymore it's always in the best

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from KPDec 10 2001 - 14:12

You can listen to "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" in it's entirety on Wilco's site. Apparently the record will be released in early 2002 by Nonesuch. Sounds like a keeper. Jim O'Rourke did a fine job...


RE: 5 best records 2001? | from andrewDec 09 2001 - 10:48

My five would be...
1 Jim O'Rourke "Insignificance"
2 Papa M "Whatever,Mortal"
3 Pernice Bros "The World Won't End"
4 Bonnie Prince Billy "Ease Down The Road"
5 (Smog) "Rain On Lens"
Another great year for Drag City.Shame about the Wilco record which I was looking forward to.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from eraserheadDec 07 2001 - 18:41

sorry folks

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from susan331Dec 07 2001 - 15:18

Psst, Eraserhead: Did you mean Mobilize? If I remember correctly Ladies' Love Oracle came out last year. Not to be obnoxiously anal-retentive, but Grant's from my hood -- gotta look out for your peeps.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Brad HaywoodDec 07 2001 - 12:37

Newness Ends is fantastic. Reconstruction, Gasoline and the title track are all fantastic

Hayden's new one is not as good as I would have liked. Fairly monotonous. I'm reviewing it for Pitchfork soon, so look for it if you care.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from adamDec 06 2001 - 18:42

He sure doesn't look like a Bubba......

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Seth HowardDec 06 2001 - 18:11

How could you not love a band with a member named Bubba?

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from adamDec 06 2001 - 15:47

Yeah, that New Year record is amazing. I love the Kadane brothers guitarwork. Very nice stuff..........

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Seth HowardDec 06 2001 - 15:18

Well - besides "Levitate" I'll go with:

1: Mark Eitzel - The Invisible Man

2: The New Year - Newness Ends

3: Kings of Convenience - Quiet is the New Loud

4: Low - Things We Lost in the Fire

5: Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows

runners up:

Creeper Lagoon
Mark Kozelek
Burning Airlines
Death Cab For Cutie
Rebecca Gates
American Analog Set

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from DeMiloDec 03 2001 - 05:47

Ahh yes: tell me what you think when that new Hayden arrives: "The closer I get" is my favourite intoxicated strumming around the campfire song!

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Brad HaywoodDec 02 2001 - 18:56

1) Pernice Brothers, "World Won't End"; 2) White Stripes, "White Blood Cells"; 3) The Microphones "The Glow Pt 2"; 4) The Shins "Oh, Inverted World"... and I anticipate loving Hayden's "Skyscraper National Park" once I receive it in the mail. "Levitate" is close -- somewhere from 5-9, methinks. Great stuff, tho.

I also think that Jeff ought to consider touring with Hayden. Canadians love Hayden, and Jeff plays such similar music that I think they'd fall in love with Idaho as well. Or better yet, play a show in NYC with Hayden. I would promise my attendance.

Rose Thomas is really good, too. Angelic voice on that girl. She has a new disc coming out in January. Good for fans of Idaho.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from dcsDec 01 2001 - 15:23

* Idaho - Levitate * Pete Yorn - musicforthemorningafter * Whiskeytown - Pneumonia * Juno - a future lived in past tense * Creeper Lagoon - Take back the universe...

5 best | from ashley d. gillespieDec 01 2001 - 07:24

soft boys: underwater moonlight
the rapture: insound tour support
spiritualized: let it come down
matthew shipp: pastoral composure
pulp: we love life

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Uber RossNov 30 2001 - 09:44

Well, in no particular order:

Ryan Adams - Gold
Frames - For the Birds
The Czars - The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People
Now It's Overhead - S/T
RHP - Old Ramon

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from chris kennedyNov 30 2001 - 08:50

Is the Stina Nordenstam an import? I love her earlier work but didn't know about the new release.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from sedonaNov 30 2001 - 07:46

IDAHO "Levitate", cause IDAHO FOREVER
STINA NORDENSTAM "This Is Stina" cause i'm in love with her
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" cause my band is calling "THE MOTORCYCLE BOY REIGNS" and they play f@#~'good rock'n'roll
MOGWAÏ "Rock Action" cause they're really modern and full of magnificent classicism. Imperial.
And fith but not least "Saturday Night Fry Chicken" from the genius of SOUL JAZZ RECORDS. Thanks you.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from edNov 30 2001 - 06:38

mark kozelek..what's next to the moon. american analog set..through the nineties.doves...lost souls (2000 or 2001?)oh well. swell..everybody wants to know. And what was that other one..hmmm....let me think real hard....oh ya Idaho...levitate.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from FranckNov 29 2001 - 08:32

Lift to Experience, "texas to Jerusalem crossroads"; Ed Harcourt - "Here be monsters" ; Ben Folds - "Rockin' the Suburbs" ; Mercury Rev - "All is dream"; Godspeed you black Emperor...and of course Idaho's levitate

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Rob sNov 29 2001 - 03:49

Idaho "Levitate"
RHP "Old Ramon"
Owen "Owen" (Mike Kinsella)
Bjork "vespertine"
National Skyline "this = Everything"
Death Cab for Cutie "Photo Album" Oops that's 6.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from john@idahomusic.comNov 28 2001 - 03:12

Jeff.....if you can name five records that have come out this year...there might be be a shiney nickel in it for you...

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from Jeff B. Nov 27 2001 - 16:25

Creeper Lagoon: Take back the universe and give me yesterday, Idaho: Levitate, Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Don't Breathe a Word, Mercury Rev: All is Dream, Tenacious D

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from eraserheadNov 27 2001 - 16:13

Sliver Jews/Bright Flight
Grant Lee Philipps/Ladies Love Oracle
Acetone/York Blvd
Mogwai/Rock Action
and of course.....Idaho/Levitate

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from chris kennedyNov 27 2001 - 12:49

Santa Claus may be weird, but it
sounds as if he may be granting me
my Christmas wish. Thanks for the
good news about Alas.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from jeffNov 27 2001 - 12:39

i may have located a box of alas CD's. ill post here when/if i get them

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from RossNov 27 2001 - 12:20

1) Levitate - IDAHO
2) The Invisible Band - Travis
3) Fuck Fight Fail - Kepler
4) Old Ramon - Red House Painters
5) Pretty Together - Sloan

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from chris kennedyNov 27 2001 - 09:42

Admittedly, I haven't done my home-
work, so this is based on a less
than inclusive sampling of discs,
which I hope won't perpetuate the
lazy rock critic grouping of AMC,
RHP, and Idaho: Eitzel, The
Invisible Man; Kozelek, What's Next to the Moon; Idaho, Levitate; Doves,
Lost Souls; Bjork, Vespertine.
Truth is, I mostly listen to Year
After Year, This Way Out, etc. Still can't get my hands on Alas, though. I'm considering a Watergate style
break-in to the Idaho studios to
steal the master. I suggest height-
ening your security.

RE: 5 best records 2001? | from christianNov 27 2001 - 05:21

soul whirling somewhere - please sennd help, arnold - bahama, guided by voices - isolation drills, idaho - levitate, you am I - dress me slowly.

??? | from J. BerryNov 27 2001 - 00:36

Alright people! what are yours?

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