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big drum sounds

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RE: drum sounds | from jeffApr 27 2000 - 12:23

i quickly mic up the drums without much thought and run them through neve preamps. i compress the snare and stereo room mics with tube techs. all this goes straight to pro tools. alas drums were done straight to tape. a good A/D filter makes a big difference. now i have 8 channels of apogees. the key is bouncing all this to a 2in. 16 track analogue machine before mixing

big drum sounds | from JohnPApr 17 2000 - 21:58

Hey Jeff, since you re using Pro Tools, i m wondering how you got the huge drum sounds on the forbidden ep as well as alas.
Is it cool mics or crazy compression or warm fuzzy analog tape dumped to the computer?
Just curious cause i listen to your stuff almost daily!
Thanks, John

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