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RE: Updates to the Site | from jeffNov 12 2001 - 15:03

http://www.idahomusic.com/pix.html......... here you will find 3 photos from our cbgb's show in october

ps go to the levitate link '01...other photos on the way

RE: Updates to the Site | from Seth HowardNov 11 2001 - 22:17

Cool. I hope that the pics area will be back in some form soon - with new images from the more recent Idaho outings (hint, hint).

RE: Updates to the Site | from jeffNov 03 2001 - 14:58

ill get to this soon....in the next couple of weeks.....not sure what the mp3's will be yet...theres a lot of stuff rotting away in the basement to choose from

MP3s and stuff | from AndyNov 03 2001 - 12:57

Hey Jeff:

First of all, you guys put on a great show @ Maxwells. I have known Kurt the sound guy for years. He did a great job with the sound. You guys sounded amazing! Anyway, what are the plans for the site now that you are back in Cali? Do you have any new MP3's we can look forward to hearing?

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