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Fulldrive woes...

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RE: Fulldrive.... | from dan setaApr 06 2000 - 19:50

I play it with the Idaho guitars
which have mostly tele neck pickups
and humbuckers from seymour duncan
as well as with all of my old guitars
(63 jazzmaster, 65 epiphone riviera,
55 l.p. junior). I typically use it
with volume at 12:00, tone at 2:00,
distortion anywhere from 9:00 to 3:00,
and the boost at random locations.
I use the 'on' setting to give a little
growl to the sound, like the amp
just beginning to break up and then the
boost to take it over the top. The
original reason I got the pedal was
to emulate/replace a TS9. I find it
gives the same nice smooth distortion
as the TS9 without gutting the tone
like the TS9 does. In conjunction
with almost any other distortion box
(rat or big muff pi in my case) it
produces amazing searing distortion.
I hate to sound like such a cheerleader,
but I don't think I could survive
without mine now. I am tending to
prefer the way my bigger sounding
guitars sound through it (the riviera
with its mini humbuckers or the junior
with its p90), but I also really
like the way my thinner guitars sound.
The jazzmaster finally sounds like
some of the edgier 'television' guitar
sounds. I almost never use the pull
bypass/compressor thingee. I hope
you have luck with it. I so hate
having something I don't like or play.

Fulldrive woes... | from colinApr 06 2000 - 11:21

This is guess is directed to Dan since he raves so much about the Fulltone Fulldrive2 distortion pedal.

I was in the market for a distortion pedal when I read your e-mail saying that the fulldrive 2 was the bext distortion box that you ever have owned. So with that in mind I went to the only store in NYC that carries Fulltone pedals (Custom48 st guitars) and tried one out. When I tried it I fell in love with its versitility and sound so I bought it. When I got it home I hooked it up to my reissue Jaguar and let it rip, but I was not as happy with the sound I was getting through my Jaguar (which is my main guitar). I also tried it with my MXR Micro Amp and Boss EQ pedal with no avail. I tried the pedal through different amps with the same outcome. But when I tried it with my friend Strat I got a much better sound (his strat has Semor Duncans). So I was wondering if the problem is simply the pickups on my Jaguar. Do you have any recommendations on getting a good sound with this pedal. I don't want to give up on it. I know there is a great sound waiting for me in there!


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