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hey, what about the bayonette ep?

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RE: bayonette ep | from Mark MNov 12 2001 - 09:10

losing light is indeed an awesome song. you can't beat the the glass whirling, and then the explosive ending. i too used to drive around and keep playing the song.

RE: bayonette ep | from sylvanNov 12 2001 - 07:52

losing light has to be one of the most strickingly beautiful songs i have heard in my time. lyrics like "clench for nothing" and "stay where you know". fuck, i don't know if it's just me, but when i'm driving in my car at night, it's just so good. i just have to weep for life, joy, pain and all. thanks jeff.

RE: bayonette ep | from Rob SNov 07 2001 - 07:40

Bayonet is amazing. "Only Maybe" is gold IDAHO. I like the rarities idea alot. Looking forword to the re-issues too.

RE: bayonette ep | from DaveNov 05 2001 - 23:35

Oh, the pipe dreams! I always expected Vol 2 of People Like Us Should Be Stopped to be live versions of songs from the middle of Idaho's duration - but what if Vol 2 was actually a compilation of rare tracks and b-sides instead?! Oooh! [gets kleenex, wipes saliva off keyboard]

RE: bayonette ep | from chrisNov 05 2001 - 10:29

To understand the Bayonet Ep you really have to know where the band was at this point. It was prior to 3 sheets, post 1st/pre 2nd coming of Berry, and songs like "the Worm" were the product of the Martin/Seta/Borden/Lewis era Idaho. Jeff hasn't played that since '96 I believe. It's a great song, as are all the hard rockers, but doesn't capture the Idaho I think we all know and love. Shoulder Back is an incredible song, I agree, and hope for it to pop up on Voulme 2 of PLUSBS (John Berry, HINT, HINT.)
The Palms was the predecessor of YAY, actually how I discovered ID. The rest is blissful history-Fall Around and You Are There-that IS Idaho. (please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this...)

RE: bayonette ep | from michelNov 05 2001 - 06:54

in 96 i got both palms and bayonet from a dear friend who visited new york and spend half his holidays looking for the two ep's i had asked him to keep an eye out for. at that time i didn't have internet, and i wasn't sure wether bayonet and palms were songs, T-shirts or misspelled records i already had. I would only play yay and this way out so he knew he'd surprise me finding them. We were recording in a studio ourselves in some stupid band when he handed them over to me "look what I found" grinning. Speechless i was for this effort and speechless I was listening to the EP's -two ep's is like a whole record!!- I was so delighted, you van imagine. I fell in love with Creep and The Worm, that i learned how to play soon after and fooled around with during rehearsals. "Nice song man, let's do some work on that one!!:)"
A few years later I got the vinyl bonusses on tape through this board and bought the real thing through this site just a few years back.
I hadn't played both ep's much lately but right now they're shuffling right now! Good stuff..

RE: bayonette ep | from De MiloNov 05 2001 - 01:18

Spanish bayonet is fantastic; that little run at the end of Only Maybe " what does it feel like...spraying from my head??..." still sends shivers and yes a ten to noon is one of their finest but pretty hard to get hold of now I guess. That line about a life being cut in half like a hand in water,,ooooooo. New LP is shaping up too ( only had it a few days ) Any one in UK have a copy of Palms EP that they could MD for me???

RE: bayonette ep | from b.Nov 03 2001 - 11:35

ehill, I would agree, I own all the idaho records except the bayonet ep, and a ten to noon. The prob lies in that these recordings are very hard to get a handle on. Some of my favourite Idaho songs are recordless like shoulder back, spiral and dantanna.Never the less it is always neat to stumble across unlistened material. Talk is limited because of availability thats all.(jeff does a neat job of posting things too) later

hey, what about the bayonette ep? | from ehillNov 03 2001 - 01:13

hey, what about the bayonette ep?
i never hear anything about this great piece o' work.
what about the first song "the worm" - it's crazy. totally unlike anything idaho has done.
the other songs are absolutely mind-blowing. please, somebody talk to me about this.
i feel so alone. i have to go because i have to order it on vinyl from the web site.
i'm listening to the third song on a friends cd and i can't believe i haven't heard anything
from anyone. i'm wondering if you guys really GET idaho.

i'm drunk.

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