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RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from BobDec 19 2001 - 20:55

Is Levitate real mellow? I liked when they mixed it up like on Three Sheets or This Way Out, or even ocassionally on This Way Out, .... like a little edge. Sorry, I still love Alas, Forbidden, and Heart Of Palm, but, like.... even on The Bayonet E.P. song 1 (The Worm), and song 4 (Only Maybe) they had more drive. Those are 2 of the most beautiful songs, I guess since Im a drummer I like more drive. This isnt meant as any offense whatsoever, just sayin.

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from RossNov 05 2001 - 07:20


RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from J. BerryNov 02 2001 - 20:10

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from Rob SNov 02 2001 - 17:02

I totally think that "Levitate" is better than "HOP". I like "Alas" as much as "Levitate" though. It doesn't matter with IDAHO which is best... coz all of the albums have fantastic songs.

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from Chad RidingsNov 02 2001 - 13:01

I don't care about coffee or how much I know certain members of the band.

But I have to disagree with Ross, and thats a good thing. I have to say that my favorite Idaho LP has to be "Hearts of Palm", and then my second favorite would have to be "Alas". But I do agree with Ross that all the albums are definately worth purchasing. Even the EP's.

While your at it. Check out a band named "Wheat" and go listen to some "Red House Painters" if you've never heard them.

Wonderful albums, all of them.

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from someone who caresNov 02 2001 - 11:41

saying john doesnt drink coffee tells us all how little you know about this man.......he gets frequent flyer miles from starbucks

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from Barton FNov 02 2001 - 08:52

John doesn't drink coffee; gives him wind.

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from RossNov 02 2001 - 06:27

Yeah sure, if they'll give me one. I can make John's coffee and pick up Jeff's dry cleaning.

RE: Levitate: a humble opinion | from Barton FNov 02 2001 - 01:54

You after a job?

Levitate | from RossNov 01 2001 - 10:27

I just wanted to say a few words about the latest IDAHO offering, now that I've had a chance to really offer an educated opinion.

Basically, I'll just say it: It is my favorite IDAHO album. I've been revisiting all the records to verify whether I've missed something in my feelings for Levitate, and frankly the truth is Ive found Levitate to be perfect.

From top to bottom Levitate is flawless. When I saw the Montréal show I had barely gotten a couple decent listenings in, but since then I've been listening the record on repeat. The music, vox and general atmosphere on the record I find is, for lack of a better word, sublime.

Little subtleties, like the sequencing of 'Levitate Part.2', the controlled intensity of 'Santa Claus is Weird', and the haunting effect 'Carousel' has on the ambient development of the album, are just a few examples of how carefully this record was put together. I'm really just blown away by it.

It's tough to say anything critical about a band that I've had so much respect and admiration for over a number of years. I am truly incapable of being objective in regards to IDAHO's work being that I love it all. But I feel a need to express how blown away I am by the latest record.

I'm not even sure if that's much of an 'opinion', but I just wanted to say something about the record.

There was a post on the new direction of IDAHO, and in my head IDAHO hasn't really changed directions in the 7 years I've followed them. To me it's head music. It's music that envokes emotional response. Though certain stylistic changes have come over time, the true direction, to me, has remained constant. To use a stupid analogy, it's like a Texan who moves to Maine. After a while the Texan will start losing the twang and adopt the local accent, yet the Texan is essentially unchanged. Yeah, okay that was a stupid analogy.

Anyway, all that ceaseless verbosity to say that I love the new record. So much.

Total headphone record. Congratulations and thank you.


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