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RE: thanks from jeffypoo | from Calgary awaits...Nov 01 2001 - 11:47

A few small requests:

Please make your way up to Calgary, AB on the next leg. If it's too out of the way, please at least hit Vancouver (on a weekend if possible) and give us enough notice so we can attempt to fly out for the show.


tour | from jeffOct 31 2001 - 16:30

id like to thank everyone who came to see us play...it wasnÕt until new york that i feel we really had everything visually and musically together and i hope all of you that saw us before that enjoyed at least aspects of the show ....i know i did... we are going to recover for a couple of weeks and then play a bit in the western US. i feel confident enough to conquer my daunting home town of los angels now so expect a few shows here soon. the new york show at CBGBs was truly a joy to play and rekindled my enthusiasm for playing live no less...!!!!
im just sorry it took all of the 3 weeks preceding for me to get over my stage fright and for our absurd stage set up to become debugged...... PHEW!!!! those of you who have not received your orders yet and feel your patience is being tested ..... rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get orders filled more expeditiously now that we are home...dale has been staying on top of it from the road too... for those of you in europe....sit tight and we'll get over there in the summer it looks like ....... thanks from my heart for all the support...jeff

p.s. if anyone tried to see us in DC please accept my apologies.... the tiny stage and overbooking of the bands made us queasy and we had to bow out.....

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