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a rough night

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RE: idaho in philly | from christianOct 22 2001 - 11:58

i live near philly and this was the second straight time i missed idaho (due to circumstances out of my control). even though it obviously wasn't their best show i still am kicking myself for missing it.

so what were the 6 songs they played? who was the opening band?

RE: idaho in philly | from jeffOct 22 2001 - 11:53

i had fun playing this show despite the war like scenareo.....come up to CBGB's gallery on the 27th for the real thing a ma jig

RE: idaho in philly | from WilliamOct 22 2001 - 10:10


a rough night | from mustafaOct 22 2001 - 05:56

thursday, october 18th, 2001 @ the khyber...

a rough night for idaho, i might say. it seems the rock and roll gods were against them...previous band playing well over their allotted time into idaho's, a cramped stage with no secure place to stow equipment and the stress that comes with having to watch that no one walks off with any of your gear as well as setting up amidst three other bands equipment, a 40 minute original set shaved down to half that time, technical difficulties with the bass loops, and many other annoyances to chafe any musicians posterior.

all said and done, i believe they ended up with 6 songs played (am not one to count the songs and/or remember which ones they played).

i did appreciate the added lines in the opening rendition of Hearts of Palm, which captured their frustration with a few precisely chosen curse words...i was frustrated for them, as well.

all said and done, it was an "off night" for our friends. i cannot wait for their return to the city of brotherly love in the near future, when i am certain they will redeem their musical assault, on par of years past.

until the next time, the six songs that were played will forever be engraved in the memories of a quiet idaho enthusiast. a rough night for some, may still be a wonderful memory for others...

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