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RE: Idaho- Maxwell's 10/17 (fan review) | from AndyOct 21 2001 - 16:05

Hey!!! What's wrong with NJ?

RE: Idaho- Maxwell's 10/17 (fan review) | from Guy RamblingOct 21 2001 - 13:50

Hi I have never posted here before I've eavsdropped alot, but the maxwell's show was outstanding!
I was a little wery about going because its nj but we had the best time. "For granted" was haunting as was "bass crawl".
I just have one question maybe someone in the band can answer?
There was a girl selling cd's for you guys and she was the sweetest
person I have ever met. She was also selling for the other band GOOl was she with them or you?
I am going to the CBGB's show, but Iwould really like to know.I am not a stalker.
Anyway Idaho reaaly had it together.

RE: Idaho- Maxwell's 10/17 (fan review) | from Steve G.Oct 19 2001 - 16:19

William, nice job on the review. It seems like you really liked the show. I saw them a few years back and had a great time too.


Idaho in NJ | from WilliamOct 19 2001 - 11:41

MaxwellÕs, Hoboken, NJ
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

I tend to believe a bandÕs aesthetic ideal is reflected in their choice of visual images and design, usually seen in cd covers and posters. Idaho is a classic example of that principle in action. Unfortunately, the image I usually think of with regards to Idaho is the arresting, bleak image of the This Way Out album cover, which simply has a photo of the ocean cresting ominously, with the title as the only commentary. I am doing them a disservice when I do this. Idaho conveys so much more than that.

To start with, they create a living room kind of atmosphere by employing a video screen backdrop with short, sometimes artistically blurred images of outdoor scenes. The short clips are interesting enough on their own, but coupled with Idaho playing in front of them, they serve sometimes as wistful accompaniment to the songs, other times they serve as emphatic punctuation.

Idaho live this time is a three-piece outfit, creatively thwarting the limitations of a trio with some prerecorded tracks weaving in and out of the songs. With this setting in mind, Idaho started with "Orange" which set the tone for the rest of the night, bright musically but lyrically reflective. Having never seen Idaho live before, I was shocked by Jeff MartinÕs powerful delivery of "Hearts of Palm". Most often, you hear a great vocal performance on record, only to be disappointed when hearing it live. ItÕs the opposite with Jeff Martin. He keeps it quiet on record and belts them out on stage.

Jeff kept the living room vibe going by engaging in quick jokes and light asides with the crowd. He apologized for a video image produced for the dvd months ago, which featured a blurred airliner, frozen in the sky while the band played the spooky "For Granted":

When you start taking
everything for granted
that's when the light
turns red and you keep driving
sleeping behind the wheel
will keep you stuck on the 101

I couldnÕt have been the only one in the audience touched by this melding of art and reality. Idaho is not exactly art rock, but the term artful certainly applies.

When the band wanted to rock, they did so with terrific ferocity. Playing is what it is all about, and as a trio, Idaho showed they could rock in songs like "Bass Crawl," even while showing remarkable restraint. John anchored the bottom end with precision and Doug kept the time admirably, engaging in fills and forcefulness only when the material called for it.

If there were any complaints, it would have to be in the brevity of the set, probably somewhere around an hour long. Another three or four songs would have extended the show nicely. The word from Jeff Martin is they will be adding eight songs to the set for the CBCG show on the 27th; this is yet another good reason to get out and see them again.

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