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New trend in bad crowd behavior?

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RE: New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from Seth HowardOct 14 2001 - 21:50

This sounds like a "new trend" in crappy venue security to me. Drunk idiots at shows getting on stage is a long standing tradition.

RE: New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from eraserheadOct 14 2001 - 08:15

I was originally going to the Boston show, which I had to cancel due to plans beyond my control, so I went to the Portland Maine show at the Skinny. Great place to see a band but the crowd was really, really mellow. The show itself was generally mellow, but no one was even standing and barely cheering at the end of the show until some of us had to remind them what applause was. I wish I could make it to the Boston show, I am sure the crowd will resemble something that is alive. Mark get back with a summary of the show. Jeff it was nice to finally see Idaho!

RE: New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from markOct 14 2001 - 05:08

This happened at the Palladium in
Worcester, MA (pronounced Wusster).
I'll be at the show tonight in
Boston at TT's where the stage is
barely big enough for the band so
there won't be room for grinding.
The 3 Sheets lineup played there
to a packed house. I don't think
the crowd gets out of control
unless the band ignores it. By
the end of the Strummer show he
was fighting people off with the
mic stand, after he gave up trying
to play guitar. I was at a
Bosstones show where Dicky
introduced the band as the girls
danced around them. They had
their moment in the spotlight
and the show went on. Most of
these people don't mind looking
stupid onstage, but stop the show
and put a mic in front of them
and they get stage fright. Do that
enough times and no one will go up

RE: New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from J. BerryOct 14 2001 - 01:57

Personally, at this point, I would
welcome this at an IDAHO show....
especially the part about the "bad dance club"...

RE: New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from eraserheadOct 13 2001 - 14:52

That's the worst I've heard, and I have seen some totally obnoxious crowds before. Where was this?

New trend in bad crowd behavior? | from markOct 13 2001 - 06:08

Don't worry, this has nothing to
do with Idaho. I am just curious
if anyone can relate to what I
witnessed last night. I saw Joe
Strummer and the Mescaleros
tolerate the most disgraceful
crowd behavior I've ever seen.
Moshing and crowd surfing are bad
enough, but getting on stage to
disrupt a performance is just
wrong. I'm not even referring to
the random rowdy drunk guy. Joe
couldn't even play guitar half the
time because he had guys hanging
on him screaming in the mic and
girls dancing around him like he
was at whatever bad dance club
you can think of. And of course
there are people who just get on
stage to see how long they can
stay there. Now imagine all of
this going on at once. It was actually at its worst when they
played new songs as opposed to
Clash songs. The amazing thing is
that the band didn't walk off or
say anything. They even came back
out for a 2 song encore. Sorry to

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