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West Coast Tour!

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RE: c'mon out west, will ya... | from jeffOct 12 2001 - 02:07

we'll be up there in the beginning of the new year you wacks!!!!

RE: c'mon out west, will ya... | from DaveOct 12 2001 - 00:24

Yup, I'm sure Seth and I would
really appreciate a Seattle show
as well. Please?

West Coast Tour! | from JJATBFOct 11 2001 - 23:08

Hello Jeff et al,

Now, I must admit, this is my first posting. don't wanna come off as another lovestruck fan, but...
Myself and a bunch of buddies would be quite pleased if you came within 500 milles of Seattle.
I'd host the lot of you in my house if it were a matter of support from your label. Not such a bad town, seattle. Portland is right close, too. Some of us are still in it for the music.

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