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Last Song?

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RE: Toronto's closing #? | from B.BridgesOct 10 2001 - 19:28

I agree with the first post, the lack of a 4th member really made for a less than stellar feel to the group. It's like I was waiting on the edge of my seat to get the blown away feel I always get when I see them and it just never happened in Chicago. Technology and ambiance should be an additive to great bands sound rather than a major crutch. I have listened to the new record and I really dig it!
Keep up the good recordings fellas but next time you come through bring a damn bass player, PLEASE!! Last year was so much better of a show!! but I think Levitate is a better record than Hearts Of Palms.

Word to the mother,

RE: Toronto's closing #? | from daveOct 10 2001 - 12:19

yeah, it was a good show.. i really enjoyed it.. technology rules eh?..what 4th memeber?? ha ha

(i wanted to scream out a request for BASS CRAWL!!)..

..i am enjoying the new cd also!

..have fun in the rest of Canada!

no idea what the last song 'for sara' was either//??

RE: Toronto's closing #? | from J. BerryOct 10 2001 - 09:08

That is true, but the lack of people was made up for the quality
of poeple who did show.They were great. Thanks for coming..

Last Song? | from steveOct 10 2001 - 08:15

I was happy to see Idaho back in TO but was disappointed with the turn out this time and perhaps the lacking 4th member. Great show anyways, here is the song list in no particular order...hearts of palm, hold everything, get you back, 20 years, for granted, taken, save,wondering the fields, on the shore, orange, stare at the sky, creep, levitate, you'll get to the bottom of this, alive again, and the last song for sara I did not know? What was it and where can it be found? Any ideas and did I miss anything?

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