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RE: Grey/Darkworks | from jeffOct 03 2001 - 01:15

gus is right.....these were very important precursors to idaho and maybe ill put some mp3's up of this stuff someday......i miss you wacky fella john and i had a fun show in milwaukee tonight and guess who was playing drums.?....yes the infamous doug smith.....just like the old days no?

Pre-Idaho | from Gustav CapaOct 02 2001 - 18:02

Hey Jeff,
I've read a dozen Idaho interviews and none of which you talk about the two musical entities that paved the way for Idaho, Grey and Darkworks, of which were stepping stones and I was both part of. Instead you've mentioned that god-awful Circa. I'm still alive and well, living in Orange County, Ca. and basking in the sunlight of Newport Beach. Oh well, I can't be pissed at you for too long since I do like what I hear from you and at least your not making Big Macs somewhere. Drop me a line sometime,
The Infamous Gus Capa

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