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hello | from barrySep 28 2001 - 17:25

dear Mr. fields My name is Barry Toulouse and I had the privelege of seeing your show at the press club this summer. I thought that it was wonderful. You opened up for fullwhitedrag. I found your email here on this site but couldn't send a message due to failure probs. So I hope you read this. I am good friends with cha mueller. I think I had asked him for your email address but lost it. The reason i write is because i would love to get my hands on some of your material, if thats okay. I'll be back in windsor oct 6 to see Idaho. If not then I will be there over the christmas break. I should ask cha or dave to get a hold of you. But i think he said you live in Toronto. By the way I live in san Francisco so if you had any inquiries towards fuzzorama maybe it would be easy for me to go over there.(just an idea) Anyway take care, barrytoulouse@yahoo.com

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