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First impressions.

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RE: Levitate aptly named. | from FranckSep 26 2001 - 08:51

the piano parts are very coming up. Some songs sound like a soundtrack movie (personnally, that reminds me Lynch's A True Story). My favorite song for the moment is the last one, it makes me wanna cry, every time I hear it (no jokes!!!).

First impressions. | from RossSep 26 2001 - 06:06

Got home to find a mustard yellow enveloppe inside my foyer. I ran up an played it. It's wonderful. It was less of a departure than I expected, but as is the pattern, stands out unique among the other albums. Gave it about three listens, but my first impressions are that of sheer wonder. The songs are airy, and dreamy - (pardon the term) ethereal. I love it. I was particularily taken by variety of vocal approaches. How in one song the vocals go from a hearty yell to a whisper. I'm not all that with names yet, but there are some songs one there whose names will one day soon never be far from me.

It rained yesterday. As always, thank you Jeff for providing the soundtrack of this little life of mine. Thanks.


- Did anyone else get their copies yet? Thoughts, first impressions? -

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