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new toys?

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RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 27 2001 - 02:08

Im mastering a project right now in SoundForge and Cubase, both 5.0 V. Its a little Celleron with 256 meg ram, I think a 20 or so gig HD, but I got some great plugins (VST and Direct X) off some hacker sites. If anyone uses plugins, try out the TC Essentials. TC has made the best outboard delay and reverb boxes since digital effects were discovered. They can compare to top of the line Lexicon stuff. Now theyre computer based as well. The only thing that sucks about VST and Direct X plugins is that you cant use them in Pro Tools. Pro Tools only lets you use their effects, which are awful. Thats why I use Cubase for tracking, its the same thing practically, as long as you get a decent breakout box and some good tube mic pre's. God, its 4 AM here, I gotta finish this thing!!!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from trevDec 23 2001 - 20:50

I'll have to check out the distortion pro. Like Eric, I use a FD2 and a sparkledrive. The Fulltone doesn't quite have enough gain for full on freakout, but since I run my amp at a point just below distortion anyway, it is usually enough to push the power tubes over the top.

The distortion on the sparkledrive is one of the worst tubescreamer imitations i've ever heard- without any clean blended in, it sounds thin and cheesy. It does however bump up the bottom end on the clean boost side, so i use it with the distortion tone rolled almost all the way down, and mixed about 60/40, clean to distorted. That sounds great.

I think I might need to throw my old big muff back into the board- that badboy sounds insane, even though it loads my signal down like crazy. And if the distortion pro sounds like the FD2 with more gain... well, this may be a happy new year.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 21:30

Ill chek em out next time I have to retube, i pomise.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 20:47

Are you saying the smoke came from the porta flex? Are you sure it wasn't just a burnt filter cap or something? I can't believe you found a porta flex for $75..... I've been hunting for a deal on one for a while now.....

From what I've heard from the general "vintage-amp enthusiast", those groovetubes or so-so. For the $$, I'd definitely give the Svetlana's a try, or maybe the JJ 6L6. Both are around the same price as groove tubes, if not cheaper.....

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 20:03

It depends on the amp. Most of mine have groovetubes installed, and a backup set of sovteks on hold. I yanked them all out because of the muddiness on MY amps. Yours may be different. Again, Im using mostly tempermental 40s accordian amps, and a Twin, which I hate the sound of, as well as an Ampeg Reverborocket from the early 60s. Theyre loaded with speakers that dont have a full frequency range, due to the fact that they were still tampering with the technology in those years. Essentially I use the groovetubes because theyre brighter, to compensate for the lack of highs the speakers put out on most of those amps.

I did have 1 horrible experience with groovetubes. I mailordered a set of 7868's for a 65 Ampeg B 12 bass amps that i had. Gawd Jeezus that thing was mint, with the bag....you know, the "fliptops" as they called them. Anyways, i got a matched set, and 7868 s are rare tubes, so the cost for both was around 140 bucks. I put them in, and 2 days later, as i was jamming with a friend, a billowing cloud of grey white smoke arose from the beast. It was useless, so i sold it to a friend for $75.....just what i paid for it.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 17:33

I know, the guy looks like an audiophile, doesn't he? Listen, all I know is I had a Hot Rod Deville that came stock with Groovetubes 6L6's, and they didn't sound very good at all. Real harsh in the high end, muddy lows. I swapped 'em for a pair of Svet's, matched, and the difference was very noticeable. Really warmed up the low end, defined it, and smoothed out a lot (not all) of the high end harshness of the amplifier. Can't wait to try them in my new super. Let me know what you find out.

Ordering online from the tubestore is pretty easy and they deliver super fast. I highly recommend them. I don't know what I'd do if I had to find tubes locally. I guess I'd be stuck with sovteks and GT's.....

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 17:23

EEK!!! Eurotube guys got a souped up Peavey 5150!!!! Those are awful bright in a 6 kHz deafening kinda way. No offense meant to you adam, its just a funny pic of a probably really smart dude. Ill call him or some other tech guys i know tomorrow. But you say those Svetlanas are pretty cool, eh? I must do some research, I cant find those around here. Thanks tho.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 17:09

that should read "www.eurotubes.com", not www.tubes.com.... sorry.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 17:09

Thanks mon!!!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 17:08

I know there is a large difference in price, but I think what GT charges for is the matching and the guarantee that you won't get a bum one..... I agree it is a large markup. There is a guy you can e-mail at www.tubes.com (Bob, I think is his name) that would know a lot more than I. Also try thetubestore.com (who actually has a sale on right now for a matched set of svetlana's for $30... sweet!). Run a search at fenderforum.com

Good luck!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 17:06

I never said sovtek wasnt producing tubes still, i know quite well they are. MUDDY tubes, even when matched. Ive matched a pair meself, and they dont sound all too different than an unmatched on a self biasing amp OR and adjustable bias amp.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 17:03

1) why is a sovtek 6L6 12 dollars each here, but a groove tubes 6L6 about 35 or 40 smackaroos each, even if you dont buy in pairs? please dont tell me they charge that much just to voltage in/out match them, oh god please tell me noooooooooooo!!!!! 2) all i asked is a link, so i can find out if im wrong, is it www.fender.com? im not trying to cause a ruckus or piss you off, i guess i just want to find out the facts.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 16:58

And, for the record, Sovtek is still currently producing tubes. Not just NOS.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 16:55

Hey, that's what they've been saying over on the Fender Discussion Board, and some of these guys seem to know what they'r talking about. Did you think Groovetubes made their own tubes?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 20 2001 - 16:51

I know groove tubes and sovteks are in no way affiliated. Give me a link to show otherwise if you could, cause id like to know if i might be wrong...

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 20 2001 - 13:50


RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 19 2001 - 22:31

Sovteks, even the most recent coming to america, are leftover military tubes from the ussr military......NAH!!!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 19 2001 - 22:17

"(though i must switch those terribly muddy sovtek 6L6s I have to groove tubes)"

Generally speaking, groovetubes are Sovteks. Groovetubes buy tubes and then match them, test them, stamp their name on them. Most of the tubes they are pumping out are sovteks lately. Try some Svetlana 6L6GC's. Big improvement over the Sovteks, in my opinion.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from JKDec 19 2001 - 21:20

The funny thing is, eraserhead, i have about 80 cents to my name right now. Why Me!!!!!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eraserheadDec 19 2001 - 20:25


RE: instruments and equipment....... | from joe krupinski / peelDec 19 2001 - 20:19

Im using some of the oddest equipment, some from the 40s. Our band is based in Chicago, we play out alot less than we used to, we all just hit 30(ish), and marriage, kids, engagements are swallowing our band. I need a good trust fund and a few good players....Anyone?

Anyways, im using 2 amps: a
Flotatone, 40s acordian amp ,1 by 12, which has trem. Thats my old baby from years back. It has the greatest natural overdrive ive heard at least locally (though i must switch those terribly muddy sovtek 6L6s I have to groove tubes). I have an a/b switch, the a goes to my Floaty, the b goes to my original Big Muff, then to a tonemaster amp from the 50s, its a 2 by 12 with a biamp out. I have a 2 by 12 Sunn amp that i removed the guts from(as they were fried) and converted to a cabinet. I even stuck an ornament from a 62 Ford Galaxie 500 that my father owned through the net and got proper anchors for the back so it wouldnt fall off. the Tonemaster has stereo vibrato on channel one, which is pedal controlable. then channel 2 I designate to a Univox 60s spring reverb unit. thats a/b'd as well. So I can essentially switch to the Flotatone, with or with out trem, or the Tonemaster channel one (Vibrato) or channel 2 (Univox spring reverb). It sounds kinda cool. I got the Floatatone for 65 bucks, the Tonemaster Univox and an old60s NDK drum machine as a package for 100, the Muff for 25 bucks, and the Strat with Humbuckers as a trade for an old 4 track I no longer used. Oh yeah, Im an electronics tech and a quasi studo engineer, so if I confused anyone, sorry. Im on a budget too, thats why I get these things cheap, I pretty much look in local papers that mostly have refrigerators or car tires for sale, but usually theres an old fellow who just doesnt play anymore and wants to part with his beautiful gear. Ive even mowed lawns of people Ive bought from, just because they seemed genuine and pure.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from junkyard toddDec 19 2001 - 14:44

wow, you guys are a bunch of freaks. Jeff, what kinda system did u use to record the new record, ie: tape, pc? do you have a studio in yr house, or go to a commercial one? you might guess that i am one of those weird guys recording 3 minute pop songs in the back bedroom.

re: fuzz

a really old magnatone student model, like 5 watts, into a 8" speaker. stick anything in front of it, like a vox tonebender with a dying battery, it records amazingly at very low volumes. no good live, obviously, i have an old ampeg that sounds really good, n both my gtr have seymour vintage P90's

did i mention that am digging hell out of first couple songs on yr latest disk?

see ya

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from junkyard toddDec 19 2001 - 14:35

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldDec 19 2001 - 14:09

little Lanei...don't they make those cool small amps?

Fave new piece of gear-Line 6 Echo Pro!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from danDec 19 2001 - 10:55

Unfortunately I know nothing about the insides of the EVO-1 yet. I got my schematic and am loathe to touch anything while it is still sounding great.

About the fulltone pedals, I hope I haven't steered anyone in the wrong direction. Every pedal seems to react differently with every one of my amps. I usually take my deluxe in to the store, or see if I can put a deposit down and try out a pedal at home. At the current prices for boutique pedals, you can't just make whimsical purchases anymore.

Anyone else had trouble with the Little Lanei reverb tank pedal? I get the most bizarre non-musical feedback sound with certain amps.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldDec 19 2001 - 06:24

you don't have to run the amp at it's max gain-we're not talking Mesa Triple One trick ponies here. i used to have the Marshall, but the Rivera has a gain boost which kinda gives me three channels-plus the added colors of the fulldrive and sparkledrive.

i used to borrow my old bandmate's Vox overdrive and i really liked the sound of that through a Fender amp. i once saw a Vox distortion pedal used and grabbed it up but it had none of the cool character that the overdrive had.

i don't think it is true bypass, which the Fulltone probably is but you are not running a shitload of pedals so it shouldn't make that much of a difference.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 18 2001 - 14:06

I'm not looking for a super high gain thing, but somewhere in between a Marshall JCM 800 and the fulltone would be nice. That's why I'm intrigued by the Distortion Pro. I run a 72 tele custom through a fender super reverb reissue and a roland JC 77 (a/b/y), but I'm no R Mathew Fields......

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldDec 18 2001 - 13:59

i bought the fulldrive II for the subtlety-very cool transparent distortion...i also like the voodoo lab sparkledrive but, again it's not a crusher. the clean boost is it's claim to fame.

what kind of amp do you use? i don't think there is anything like a cranked hi gain amp. i was using Marshall, but switched over to a Rivera Fandango which is totally cool!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamDec 18 2001 - 11:26

I was dissapointed with the fulltone II. A little more oomph than a tube screamer, but not enough kick for me. Too subtle for me. I'm definitely interested in trying the Distortion Pro..... always looking for a good distortion/stomp box. Anyone out there try one yet?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldDec 18 2001 - 11:15

Have you had the opportunity to hear the Fulltone Distortion Pro?

From the website;

"Not a FUZZ! The greatest hi-gain sounds you can imagine, from Brian May to Boston, Holdsworth to EJ in a little metal box"

It gets you excited until they mention the players...I bet it's a cool pedal though. If it gives you more gain than the Fulltone II it is already worthy. It only has one button (no boost) but the boost makes very little difference in high gain situations.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from trevorDec 17 2001 - 12:58

just did some tweeking on my old Jazzmaster. Compared to the Seymore Duncan Li'l 59 and JB jr. pickups I have in my Jaguar, the output always seemed a little weak. NOt the worst thing in the world, but my Fulltone2 distortion doesn't really have a surplus of gain, so I put the bridge pickup in the neck slot, and a Duncan quarterpound firebird pickup in the bridge.

The neck sound (what I use 99% of the time is much thicker and louder (i believe that the main difference between the neck and bridge pickups is that the bridge pickups are wound more to make up for the low enegry level by the bridge) and the firebird pickup sound dry and flat. I got the idea for using the FB in the bridge because that's what Neil Young had done to his Les Paul. Got to say, I'm digging it immemsely.


RE: instruments and equipment....... | from r mathew fieldsNov 24 2001 - 08:34

hey dan

i was wondering if you know how to re-position the optical sencer in the EVO 1... (i'm talking about the strip that is conected to the pedal.. i guess when they made it it was just taped down) mine has come undone.. i figured it out after talking to the tech at morley which by the way was the nicest person i have ever talked to on the phone offered me the specs and parts if i need them...

thanks for your help....
r. mathew fields

you can write me privatly if you wish ....rmathewfields@hotmail.com

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldNov 23 2001 - 12:51

Jeff, what are the tonal differences between the two brands?

You ARE saying that you have the Duncan Custom humbuckers, right?

I just switched some Duncan Distortion H/B's (was also considering the Customs) into the bridge position of my two strats and so far I like them. I prefer the hot ceramic sound, but I was afraid that anything labeled "distortion" would not give me a decent clean sound...but so far so good.

My M.O. concerning P/U's is to get hot but toneful pick ups so I can get some decent distortion at the lowest possible stage volume.

Also, do you have any problems with string spacing with the p/u's on those four strings?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from jeffNov 23 2001 - 10:39

all of the 4strings have seymour duncan single coil and humbucking custom pickups....the 2 new ones have custom lyndee freelland ( incorrect spelling im sure) single coils and humbuckers

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from eric alan arnoldNov 23 2001 - 06:12

The Line 6 Delay Modeler is a powerful stompbox for sure, but like every piece of gear there are negatives.

As Trevor said it does change your tone somewhat, but when i am using a delay type effect-this isn't a big deal to me.

The sonic options are so vast that it kinda becomes a con! You have an almost unlimited array of sounds you can access yet only store a few. This can kinda drive you crazy...

I have all my settings saved... settings that are essential to songs-but now i can't change them as i am a-feared that i won't get THAT exact setting back!

Maybe if they weren't so big i could get two and at least double my options...

If you try it out you gotta use an expression pedal!

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamNov 22 2001 - 16:57

Cool. It's good to have a guy you can trust with old gear. Sorry for all of the trivial questions all the time, it's just that you always have the most amazing clean guitar tones...... and I want to steal all of your ideas.

Any of those new guitars have humbuckers, or are they the same single coil pickups as the others?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from jeffNov 22 2001 - 14:09

the new 5 strings became 2 new 4 strings half way through production.... i dont need to further complicate my life. one deluxe is silver and one is black...im not sure what tubes... a great amp repair guy named don butler works on them and put whatever he thought was best inside......

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamNov 22 2001 - 10:39

Jeff, I thought I heard you talking about getting some 5 string guitars made..... Is that still in the works?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamOct 24 2001 - 21:40

Cool. I've heard very nice things about those particular speakers. What kind of tubes do you use, Jeff? Sovtek? Svetlana? Are they silverface Deluxes or Blackface?

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from jeffOct 24 2001 - 16:33

both john and i use older fender deluxes with blue bulldog speakers instead of stock. ... these come standard in vox ac-30s...i believe they help give the fenders some balls if you know what im saying

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from adamOct 23 2001 - 20:19

The Line 6 is making a lot of waves, and I have yet to hear anyone badmouth it. It's on my wish list for sure, but Santa can be one cruel bitch (as well as weird).

Hey John B, is that a vintage twin you are playing on tour, or is it a new model/reissue? Sounded good to me. Jeff, you're still playing a deluxe reverb (1x12) yes? Didn't I read that you used to play vox amps? Do you still? So many stupid questions, I know.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from trevOct 08 2001 - 10:42

delay pedal shootout:

I have to say I have nothing but affection for my Line6 delay modeller. Kind of a godsend for someone who has spent a fair amount of time on his knees on a dark stage, trying to switch settings on an Ibanez ad-9 and a boss dd-5. My one gripe with it is that when the pedal is engaged, it definately changes the tone- makes it just a bit more bright and brittle.

The other guitar player in my band uses an Akai headrush, which sounds fantastic, but cannot be induced into making some of the just plain freakish sounds you can get out of the Line6.

Anybody else have some favorites?

BTW- Dan- Didn't fender make some kind of super toxic oilcan delay/reverb/chorus thing-a-majig? Dimension 4, or something like that?

to ryan fields | from barrySep 27 2001 - 12:04

dear Mr. fields

My name is Barry Toulouse and I had the privelege of
seeing your show at the press club this summer. I
thought that it was wonderful. You opened up for
fullwhitedrag. I found your email here on this site but couldn't send a message due to failure probs. So I hope you read this. I am good friends with cha mueller. I think I
had asked him for your email address but lost it. The
reason i write is because i would love to get my hands
on some of your material, if thats okay. I'll be back
in windsor oct 6 to see Idaho. If not then I will be
there over the christmas break. I should ask cha or
dave to get a hold of you. But i think he said you
live in Toronto. By the way I live in san Francisco so
if you had any inquiries towards fuzzorama maybe it
would be easy for me to go over there.(just an idea)
Anyway take care, barrytoulouse@yahoo.com

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from riverfrontensembleSep 26 2001 - 20:37

thanks dan.. i will call them and see what options i have...

r.mathew fields

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from danSep 26 2001 - 13:10

If you talk nice to the folks at Morley they will send you the schematic for the EVO-1. Let me know if you have trouble, I can copy the one they sent me and send it on. There isn't much info on it about the can though which is the thing that breaks down. I bought mine at a nice store out here called truetone http://www.truetonemusic.com. They supposedly have a guy who can fix them (re-charge the oil, fix the record head etc.).

Excellent news about the fuzzorama people. The space echo is a little gift from the gods of music.

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from riverfrontensembleSep 26 2001 - 12:07

now you have made me sad.. i have owned the evo1 for about fours years but it hasn't worked for two.. i can't find anyone to fix it.. i can't even find the specs for it.. have you found any good sites with info on it... hey dan what's wrong the sapce echo.. mine flutters but i just take it to a friends and he fixes the tention on the pinch wheel... let me know if need some help...

r.mathew fields

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from jeffSep 25 2001 - 17:25

i tried the damn oil delay and couldnt make it do nuthin...dan is capable of making music out of the oddest things so im not surprised he had success with it....i found i really great place in SF to get roland tape delays fixed which is good news because its still one of my most loved pieces of junk....... (fuzzorama.com)

RE: instruments and equipment....... | from danSep 25 2001 - 17:17

Yes. Oil can delay. It is unbelievably weird and toxic all in one oversized chrome covered package. It is an early delay that uses a metal cylinder floating in PCB oil. One company made all of the cans and a bunch of different people made delays based on them. I played a really nice Gibson one first, but then fell in love with the Morley version EVO-1. The Morley is amazing for two reasons: 1. it is stereo and 2. the foot pedal controls the feedback or regeneration. All good oil can delays I have played all have this amazingly haunting ethereal sound. It is similar to the sound of the tape echos. The ability to swell the echo in and out with foot control is really amazing, and I am going to try and see if I can figure a way to do the same thing to my Roland Space Echo.

new toys? | from adamSep 25 2001 - 16:33

Hey Jeff, Dan, John..... any new toys? Always curious to hear what you guys are playing/recording with......

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