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IDAHO new CD mp3s....

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RE: A big debate looms.... | from Seth HowardSep 25 2001 - 13:19

MP3s sound like shit. What true fan would choose not to support this band and instead listen to recordings of Jeff's songs with the high and low ends of the spectrum lopped off, and the stereo imaging compromised.

I for one, would also not want to do without the great packaging that is such a big part of every Idaho release.

IDAHO new CD mp3s.... | from DanSep 25 2001 - 12:23

Hi everyone,

I dont want to appear to be causing a bit of a new round of the
mp3 debate, but the site named below may well have the new Idaho
CD in mp3 format next week - if
what they say is true -... I
suspect many of you may have come
across this link before via the
red house painters mailing list
(I remember there being some
lively debate about this a while

Now Im not sure where I stand on
the whole mp3 thing, but I do know
that in this case people should
not be trying to take away funds
from bands like Idaho when we're
desperately hoping they have
enough capital & interest to tour
places off the beaten track...
(London / Midlands Jeff????) Im
sure none of us here would NOT buy
the official stuff, but I think
this should be considered with
regard to fairweather fans.. (if
there's such a thing!)

Just though I'd bring it up, but I
suppose its really up to Jeff &

(still waiting for my CD here in
the UK!! ;-)


And the link is .... Actually, I'll
blank the first bit of the address
as to not advertise for these
people... If anyone needs it for
any reason, leave a message and
I'll forward it privately...


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